French digital affairs body implodes amid racism allegations

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The recently appointed president and nearly all of the members of France’s independent advisory commission on digital affairs, the CNNum, resigned this week in protest at the government’s move to exclude from the body outspoken feminist and anti-racist activist Rokhaya Diallo. She and another newly chosen CNNum advisor, start-up entrepreneur and rapper Hicham Kochman, also known as Axiom, were the target of a political campaign that has reignited the debate over the extent of institutional racism in France, and the stigmatisation of racial minorities in the country. In an interview with Mediapart, Kochman speaks of his despair that “if you are Black or Arab, if you come from certain neighbourhoods, however competent you might be you have no chance of succeeding”.

France's digital affairs advisory agency members resign in race row

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The head of France's independent advisory commission on digital affairs and most of the commission's members have resigned after the government ordered the removal from among them of a prominent black feminist and anti-racism activist after complaints from the Right about her militant actions and outspoken comments on 'institutional racism' in the country.