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French priest suspended after video shows him slapping baby

Footage shows 89-year-old priest ordering the infant he is holding at a baptism to 'be quiet' before sharply slapping his cheek.

France to suspend vitamin D supplement after baby dies

Move follows the death of a 10-day-old baby in December who had being given the supplement Uvesterol D, health officials said.

British mother arrested after baby found dead in France

Woman in her 30s on holiday in south-west France arrested after baby's father reported death and doctor declared it was not from natural causes.

Roma baby to be buried in France as inquiry launched

Mayor of Champlan denies refusing to bury baby but apologises as saga continues to spark row and child is buried in nearby town.

French mayor refuses to bury dead Roma baby

Right-wing mayor of Champlan near Paris provoked outrage for blocking burial of the baby, who will now be laid to rest in neighbouring town.

French father denied custody of baby son placed for adoption by mother

Yoan Delorme was in jail when his son was born and the mother did not put either parent's name on the birth certificate before the adoption.

Two mothers for first French baby born in 2013

First baby born in France in 2013, just weeks ahead of same-sex marriage bill debate, has two 'mums', her biological mother and her lesbian partner.