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French baguette faces pinch from anti-salt MPs

French politicians looking into health risks of additives are set to propose laws forcing bakers and processed food makers to slash salt content.

France fears baguette crisis as bakers allowed to take holidays

Historic laws that compelled bakers in Paris to curtail their holidays over the summer have been scrapped.

France's bread lovers have a new idea—and it's half-baked

The demise of crusty bread: top baker claims the vast majority of his customers now choose the whitest, least-baked baguette on display.

McDonald’s puts a baguette sandwich on its French menu

France remains McDonald’s most profitable market after US with 1,228 outlets in 934 towns, €4.2 billion sales in 2011 and 66,000 staff.

Cash-strapped French snap up ‘yesterday’s baguette’

A discount bakery has opened in southern France which only sells day-old leftovers - a novelty for a country which prides itself on freshness.

Filling a gap: the baguette vending machine

Many things have changed in France in a few decades, and this latest will dismay all those who love the boulangerie: the automatic baguette dispenser.