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SW France bird flu outbreak: South Korea bans French poultry imports

The ban announced by Seoul came as increasing numbers of Dordogne farms are confirmed contaminated by an unusual strain of avian influenza.

France to lift ban on blood donations from gay men

French health minister says 32-year-old ban to avid AIDS transmission will be lifted in 2016 but will be conditional to sexual abstinence.

French supermarket waste distribution plan sets challenge for charities

A planned law bans large stores from destroying unsold food which would go to charities for the poor, which must invest to cope with the supplies.

French ecology minister announces ban on Roundup weedkiller

Monsanto product will be barred from self-service shopping outlets amid evidence that one of its constituents, glyphosate, is carcinogenic.

France bans smoking in playgrounds

Lighting up in the children's play areas of public parks in France is to be outlawed from July, with offenders fined €68.

French conservatives suspend 'Muslim ban' mayor

UMP mayor Robert Chardon tweeted Muslim religion 'must be banned in France' and those pacticing it 'immediately escorted to the border'.

France moves to ban sunbed adverts, access for children

MP and former skin cancer specialist Michèle Delaunay says tanning-induced melanoma is second-fastest-growing form of cancer among women.

Top museum lifts photo ban in wake of French culture minister’s Instagram gaffe

People complained museum had one rule for public and one rule for ministers after Fleur Pellerin posted image of French masterpiece online.

French government likely to back bill of law banning too-thin fashion models

French health minister hints at support for MP's proposed law to outlaw anorexic models, with employers who breach it facing fines and jail.

France rejects need for new law after smacking rebuke

Family minister said France did not need new legislation but should reconsider value of corporal punishment after Council of Europe's criticism.

France set for rebuke over failure to ban smacking

According to reports, the Council of Europe will this week criticise France for its failure to explicitly ban the smacking of children.

Uber faces new French legal challenge as taxi protest blocks Paris

The controversial amateur cab firm now faces a ban on its UberPop operations under a new French law to be enforced from January 1st.

France moves to block access to file-sharing site The Pirate Bay

Following similar moves in other countries, a court in Paris orders leading internet providers to block access to the Swedish website.

France to outlaw single-use plastic bags by 2016

Proposed law in wide-ranging Energy Transition bill will also outlaw disposable plastic cutlery and crockery by 2020.

Headscarf ban turns France’s Muslim women towards homeworking

As they cannot wear religious garments in public service jobs many French Muslim women are taking up self-employed e-trading.