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Fans flock to French comic Dieudonne on social media

The number of the controverial banned comic's followers on Twitter has more than doubled and his Facebook 'likes' now exceed half a million.

France's top court reinstates ban on comic Dieudonne

One-man show by comedian accused of anti-Semitism banned at last minute after interior minister wins appeal against earlier legal setback.

French court convicts Islamic veil-wearing woman

Cassandra Belin fined for 'wearing clothing that hides the face' and given suspended jail term for threatening police in arrest that led to riots.

French comedian at centre of Nicolas Anelka row faces ban

Cities across France are considering banning the one-man-show of comedian Dieudonné who popularised the 'Nazi' salute used by Anelka.

French comic's show faces ban over anti-Semitic jibes

The French interior minister is seeking legal means to ban shows by controversial comic Dieudonné after repeated anti-Jewish comments on stage.

French court case to challenge full-face veil ban

Lawyers for woman who was arrested in July for wearing the veil are arguing that the 2011 legal ban is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Muslim woman challenges French veil ban in European rights' court

Arguing that the niqab is part of her "religious faith, culture and personal convictions" she calls for France's full-face veil ban to be overturned.

After BA, Eurostar bars obese Frenchman

The clinically obese 22 year-old, travelling home from the US after receiving medical teatment, was forced to cross the Channel by ferry.

Fracking ban upheld by French court as constitutional

France's top court rules that the 2011 law outlawing the fracking method of extracting shale gas is within constitution.

Maloya: The protest music banned as a threat to France

The music from Reunion considered a threat to the French state in the 1970s is now being used to express the anger of a new generation.

France to ban child beauty pageants

Organisers of such pageants may face a jail term of up to two years and a fine of 30,000 euros after French MPs vote for new law.

France considers extending headscarf ban to universities

A report by France's High Council for Integration proposing headscarves be banned from university campuses sparks anger from Muslim groups.

Hollande maintains ban on Monsanto GM corn crops

France will maintain its ban on growing genetically modified corn sold by Monsanto, despite a court ruling to lift the moratorium.

French court overturns ban on GM corn crops

The Council of State rejected the legal basis for a government ban on growing Monsanto's GM corn which has been in force since March 2012.

Sunday shopping ban under pressure amid France's work-life balance debate

Unions and church leaders support ban on Sunday shopping, but business federations appear to be winning public support to overturn the rule.