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Sunday shopping ban under pressure amid France's work-life balance debate

Unions and church leaders support ban on Sunday shopping, but business federations appear to be winning public support to overturn the rule.

Will mooted French ban on smoking in open spaces end up beached?

Health minister wants ban on smoking in open public spaces, including beaches, parks and campuses, but anti-tobacco campaigners are sceptical.

After student killing, France bans far-right rally

Toulouse's socialist mayor expressed concern about planned torchlight march to commemorate victory of a Christian army in 721 over Muslims.

French fracking ban 'should be eased to assess shale reserves'

Dozens of exploration wells could be drilled in regions where seismic data has indicated promising reserves, a parliamentary commission said.

France considers electronic cigarette ban in public places

Medical experts insist that the increasingly popular e-cigarettes should be subject to the same restrictions as tobacco smoking.

French man convicted of veil assault

The man vainly tried to justify the attack as an attempt to uphold a controversial law banning women from wearing face-covering veils in public.

France won’t overturn ban on Sikh turban

Days ahead of President Francois Hollande's visit to India, France says it is not going to overturn the ban on Sikh turban in its schools.

France's 'Nutella amendment' causes big fat international row

French threat to quadruple taxes on products containing palm oil, one of Nutella's key ingredients, has angered producers in Malaysia.

California’s Foie Gras Ban Prompts French Call for Retaliation

A politician in southern France is urging the nation’s restaurants to stop serving California wines in response to the U.S. state’s ban on foie gras.

Veiled Saudi women 'refused entry to France'

Three Saudi women who refused to remove their face veils at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport were barred entry to France, a police union claims.

France to ban a pesticide to protect bees

Officials move to stop use of Cruiser OSR pesticide, which is used to treat rapeseed, after scientists suggested it could pose a danger to bees.

French ban on Monsanto GM maize rejected by European watchdog

France’s temporary ban on planting of a variety of GM maize by Monsanto is rejected by Europe’s food safety agency which sees no health risk.

French move to punish prostitute clients

The French parliament is to debate abolishing prostitution through a crackdown which would criminalise payment for sex.

French burkha ban 'boosts Mid-East tourist numbers in UK

British shops are cashing in on the burkha ban in France because wealthy Middle Eastern shoppers are avoiding Paris, claims The Daily Mail.

French outrage at German food fair foie gras ban

French agriculture minister Bruno le Maire has threatened to boycott the opening of a major German food fair after it banned 'cruel' foie gras.