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France's central bank trims economic growth forecast

The Bank of France announced Thursday it has revised downwards its growth forcasts for 2018 and 2019 to 1.5%, instead of a previous prediction of 1.6%, but did not include 10 billion euros in tax cuts brought forward to next year and extra spending announced this week by President Emmanuel Macron in a major concession to protestors demanding higher living standards for low- and middle-income earners.

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Why France still controls ex-African colonies' currency

A Franc Zone banknote. A Franc Zone banknote.

France's African colonies were finally given independence around 70 years ago but one throwback to that era still remains – control by Paris of its former colonies' currency. The 'CFA franc', guaranteed by the French Treasury, is the legal tender in 14 west and central African nations. As Fanny Pigeaud reports in the first of two articles, many African economists are critical of the 'Franc Zone', which many feel holds back economic development.

Bank of France's stolen euros unearthed in provincial garden

Two sacked employees have been placed under investigation after police dug up a bag containing 500,000 euros at a house in Auvergne region.

France facing 'hour of recovery or decline' says bank chief

Bank of France boss Christian Noyer said that without reform the country would see zero growth and unemployment stuck at 10%.

France to see slow growth continue

Bank of France forecasts 0.2% economic growth in third quarter, while statistics agency INSEE forecast 0.7% expansion for whole of 2014.

French central bank paying 'utmost' attention to US case against BNP

Bank of France comment comes after report that BNP faces a 10 billion-dollar fine for evading US sanctions against Iran, Sudan and Cuba.

France to turn corner on growth in final quarter of 2013

According to preliminary figures released by French central bank, the country’s recovery gained ground at the end of 2013 with 0.5% growth.

France 'fell into mild recession in fourth quarter'

Estimate from the Bank of France differs from national statistics office INSEE which suggested that France just averted recession last year.

Bank of France chief sparks war of words over call for euro to dump City

Comments by Bank of France chief that the City of London should no longer be financial centre for the euro meet with sharp rebuke in Britain.

Greek euro exit 'won't sink French banks': Bank of France governor

No French banking group is in danger even in the "extreme" scenario that Greece leaves the euro, says the Governor of the Bank of France.

Bank of France Forecasts Slowdown

Bank of France says French economy will grow by 0.2% in third quarter of 2011, confirming slowdown in euro zone's second-largest economy.