Eight stand trial in Paris over theft of Banksy's Bataclan tribute

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The trial openend in Paris on Monday of seven French men and one Italian accused of stealing in 2019 a mural by street artist Banksy which featured on an emergency exit door at the Bataclan theatre where in Islamic terrorists murdered 90 concert goers in November 2015. 

November 2015 Paris terror attacks: the opening of an extraordinary trial


The trial relating to the deadly wave of terror attacks that struck Paris on November 13th 2015 gets under way this Wednesday September 8th. During a hearing scheduled to last nine months, the 20 defendants will be tried over their role in attacks that left 130 dead, hundreds more wounded and many grieving families. Matthieu Suc sets the scene for a trial that is exceptional both in its scale and nature.

France marks five years since Paris attacks with silent ceremonies

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French PM and mayor of Paris attend events held at Bataclan and other sites targeted by gunmen and suicide bombers in November 2015.

Paris ceremonies mark November 2015 terrorist massacres

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Several ceremonies were held in Paris on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in and around the capital on the evening of November 13th 2015, when 130 people died in a wave of shootings and bombings carried out by jihadists from the so-called Islamic State group.

Banksy tribute to Bataclan dead stolen from Paris concert hall

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Thieves have cut out and escaped with an artwork by Banksy which the celebrated street artist had painted on an exit door of the Bataclan music hall in central Paris in tribute to the 90 people who were killed there in a terrorist attack by gunmen during a concert in November 2015. 

Revealed: story behind arrests of far-right activists in France

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Ten men, including a former gendarme, have been arrested across France for their suspected role in a plot to attack Muslims. Mediapart can reveal that one of the suspects had been setting up his own laboratory to make explosives. Matthieu Suc, Marine Turchi and Jacques Massey report on the story behind the dramatic arrests and the murky world of the far-right in France.

Legal case filed over 'standdown' order to troops in 2015 Paris attacks

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The official revelation that a group of soldiers on security patrol close to the Bataclan muic hall, where 90 concert goers were massacred by an Islamic State terrorist group on the evening of November 13th 2015, were ordered not to intervene has prompted a legal complaint by survivors and victims' relatives.

French outrage after President Trump mimics Paris attackers

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US president suggested 2015 attacks could have been stopped by giving people guns and mimicked gunmen summoning victims one by one.

Paris attacks suspect goes on trial in Belgium over shootout

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Armed police to guard court for trial of Salah Abdeslam over March 2016 shootout; he is due to face trial in France for 2015 attacks at later date.

‘Hurtful’ romantic film on Bataclan terror attack put on hold

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Petition in France halts TV broadcast of fictional love story about couple who meet during 2015 Paris attack in which 90 people died.

Sting concert to reopen Paris terror attacks theatre

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All 1,000 tickets for the November 12th concert by the British singer at the Bataclan, which reopens this Saturday for the first time since 90 people died when jihadist gunmen stormed a concert there last November, sold out within 30 minutes.

Paris attacks mastermind 'still at large' says intelligence chief

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Top spy's testimony to MPs emerged Wednesday when, in a separate move, gendarmerie commandos slammed their boss for inaction during November 13 massacre.  

Eagles of Death Metal dropped by French festivals over Bataclan comments

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Move came after singer Jesse Hughes suggested some concert hall security guards may have known in advance about November Paris attacks.

Photo of Paris terror attacks victim sparks press freedom row

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A Paris court is to rule later this month whether a photographer breached personal privacy rules by taking a harrowing photo of a Bataclan theatre victim.

Eagles of Death Metal frontman: 'Everyone should have access to guns'

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Jesse Hughes, who performs in Paris with the band three months after Bataclan massacre, said 'until nobody has guns everybody has to have them'.