Woman in hiding tells why she blew whistle on Paris attacker

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She says she heard that Abdelhamid Abaaoud entered France with 90 others and planned attacks on creche, police station and shopping mall.

Mother of November Paris attacks victim vows to sue Belgium for negligence

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Mother of 26-year-old murdered at the Bataclan theatre in attack by a group of mostly Belgian gunmen said Belgium could have arrested them earlier.

Two arrested in Austria over suspected links to Paris attacks

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The pair 'from the Middle East' were arrested in a centre for refugees in Salzburg 'on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organisation'.

France arrests three over Islamist attacks on Paris

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Two men and a woman were detained in connection with deadly terror attacks in the French capital last month and in January.

Paris attacks ringleader 'directed Bataclan bombers by phone'

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Witness saw 'agitated' Abdelhamid Abaaoud talking on his mobile close to concert hall where gunmen left 89 people dead, reveals terrorism expert.

Eagles of Death Metal return to scene of Paris concert massacre

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Before performing at U2 gig, the US band paid hommage at Bataclan theatre where terrorists killed 90 people during their performance.

President Hollande and UK PM Cameron pay tribute outside Bataclan

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British premier said he was convinced UK should pursue air strikes in Syria while French president vowed to step up attacks on Islamic State.

Revealed: how French secret services 'lost track' of one of the Bataclan bombers

France — Investigation

French intelligence agencies knew as far back as 2009 that Ismaël Omar Mostefaï, one of the three suicide bombers who attacked the Batalcan concert hall in Paris, had been radicalised in a group in France led by a veteran jihadist with a history of planning terrorist attacks, Mediapart can reveal. Mostefaï had also been spotted with the group when it was under surveillance in April 2014, and the authorities were later informed that he had almost certainly gone to Syria, at the same time as another future Bataclan bomber. But by late 2014 the secret services no longer knew of his whereabouts. He did not resurface again until November 13th, 2015, when he was part of the coordinated attacks that killed 130 people in Paris. The French authorities, however, deny there was any intelligence blunder. Yann Philippin, Marine Turchi and Fabrice Arfi report.

Hunting the Paris terror mastermind: forensic experts race to identify body

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French authorities say they still do not know if Abdelhamid Abaaoud was one of the two people killed during raid at Saint-Denis.

Afraid, the young people of Paris refuse to bow to terror

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The shootings and bombings in Paris on the evening of Friday November 13th targeted people – mainly young people – who had simply gone out to enjoy themselves. Two days after the killings Mediapart talked to pupils and students from the Paris region as they went back to school or university. Many spoke of their fear of being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and are still struggling to make sense of the carnage. But they insist they are determined to carry on living their lives to the full. Mathilde Goanec, Dan Israel, Amélie Poinssot and Ellen Salvi report.

Why Islamic State is targeting France

France — Interview

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks on Friday, November 13th. But why has the terror group made France its “principal target”, ahead of other states involved in the anti-IS coalition in Iraq and Syria? French journalist and author David Thomson, an expert on French jihadists, explains the background to Mediapart's Joseph Confavreux.

French PM warns more attacks to come as police launch pre-dawn anti-terror raids

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Manuel Valls said Friday's shootings were 'planned in Syria' and that Europe should be prepared for a repeat attack in weeks ahead.

Why fear is our enemy

France — Opinion

The terrorist attack in Paris and at the Stade de France on Friday November 13th targeted the whole of society; our society, our France, a France made up of diversity, plurality, of people coming together and mixing, argues Mediapart's editor-in-chief, Edwy Plenel. It is that open society that the terror wants to shut down, to silence through fear, to make disappear through horror. And it is this society, he says, that we must defend because it is our most secure and lasting protection against terrorism.