French bus driver attacked in 'altercation over masks' dies

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A 59-year-old bus driver in the south-west French town of Bayonne who was beaten and left brain dead by a group of men passengers on Sunday allegedly in a row over their refusal to wear face masks as required by law, died on Friday in hospital.

Bus driver in SW France brain dead after attack over masks

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A bus driver in Bayonne, south-west France was described as brain dead on Monday after challenging a group of passengers who boarded his vehicle on Sunday evening without tickets or masks which by law must be worn by all passengers on public transport.

Fears of right-wing extremism grow as activist held over attack on French mosque


Claude Sinké, aged 84, a former local election candidate for the far-right Front National – now called Rassemblement National – is in custody for the attack on a mosque in Bayonne in south-west France on October 28th 2019. He told detectives his aim was to “avenge the destruction” of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris from a fire which he blames on Muslims. Marine Le Pen and the rest of the RN leadership have been quick to distance themselves from their former activist. But Claude Sinké had been adopted as a candidate for the far-right party in 2015 despite posting hate-filled messages on Facebook. Marine Turchi and Matthieu Suc examine the far right party's handling of its supporters and look at the growing threat posed by right-wing extremists in France and across Europe.

French police arrest far-right supporter over mosque shooting

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Source that 84-year-old suspect had been a candidate for Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National party in 2015.

Macron's knockout win at G7 summit in Biarritz – the snuffing out of protests

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The main 'counter summit' to the recent G7 gathering took place miles away from the French resort of Biarritz, towns were locked down, and some protestors were banned from the area. The result was low-key, small-scale opposition to the meeting of international leaders, representing an undeniable success for the French presidency. Christophe Gueugneau and Elisa Perrigueur report.

French police fire tear gas and water cannons at anti-G7 protesters

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Meanwhile environmental group will defy ban on demonstrations in nearby Bayonne with march carrying official portraits of President Macron.

French agriculture minister, animal rights defender, attends bullfight

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French agriculture minister Didier Guillaume, whose ministerial brief is also to defend animal welfare, has been photographed attending a bullfight in the town of Bayonne, south-west France, when six bulls were killed, prompting outrage from animal rights organisations.

From Guinea to Bayonne: the long journey of two youths seeking France's protection

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Authorities in the French city of Bayonne are struggling to cope with the number of migrants coming from across the nearby Spanish border. Mediapart met Joseph and Moriba, 'blood  brothers' who are seeking France's protection after nearly dying at sea crossing to Europe from Morocco. After a legal battle, Joseph has now been recognised as a minor by the French courts while Moriba's request will be heard on appeal shortly. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

Bull gores president of local French bullfighting association

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Dominique Perron and another spectator suffered serious injuries after bull jumped out of arena at Bayonne Festival in south west France.

French doctor acquitted in 'mercy killing' trial

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Nicolas Bonnemaison, who ended the lives of seven terminally-ill patients, was acquitted of all charges after trial that raised issue of euthanasia.