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Black boxes from Karachi crash plane sent to France

The flight recorders from the Pakistan International Airlines' Airbus which crashed short of the runway at Karachi airport on May 22nd, killing 97 people on board, have been sent to France for examinsation by the country's air accident investigation agency, the BEA.

French investigators say smoke was detected on EgyptAir flight

France's BEA accident investigation team said that warning signs about smoke in a toilet and elsewhere started 3 minutes before plane vanished.

Germanwings probe urges doctors inform on mentally unstable pilots

French probe into Alps crash caused by suicidal co-pilot advises doctors inform authorities when a patient's health is likely to affect public safety.

Barcelona - Paris flight narrowly misses drone

Officials says Air France Airbus A320 was flying at 5,500 feet as it neared Charles de Gaulle airport when co-pilot noticed drone approaching.

Germanwings crash co-pilot 'set fast descent on earlier flight'

French crash report says Andreas Lubitz repeatedly set Spain-bound plane to drop to 100ft before slamming it into French Alps on return flight.

French crash investigators extract key audio tape from jet's black box

But official says still too early to draw any conclusions about causes of the Germanwings jet crash in the French Alps that killed 150 people.

Search teams probe wreckage of jet in French Alps

Investigators say black box they found is damaged but the data can still be recovered to provide vital clues to crash of A320 jet with 150 on board.