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French couple face jail for 'stealing' sand from Sardinian beach

A French couple are facing prosecution and a possible jail term of between one and six years after Italian police found 40 kilos of sand they took from a beach in Chia, southern Sardinia, crammed into plastic bottles in the boot of their vehicle.

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Man drowns in hole he dug on French beach

A 21-year-old man holidaying on the island of Noirmoutier, western France, drowned after he became stuck in a deep hole he had dug on a beach and was subsequently drowned by the incoming tide.

Corsica 'beach brawl' defendants sentenced

Five men were handed jail terms, suspended for four of them, over the racially-charged August incident which pitched three brothers of Moroccan origin against members of a local village angered by their attempt to block off a beach.

Court upholds burkini ban after beach brawl in Corsica

Move to uphold ban 'on security grounds' is first such ruling since France's highest administrative court overturned another ban on the swimsuit.

Muslim woman intercepted by police on Nice beach sparks controversy

Photos of a Muslim woman surrounded by police and stripping off her shawl have prompted protests from French Council of the Muslim Faith.

Second French Riviera resort announces 'burkini' ban

Following Cannes ban, mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet says that in France 'one does not come to the beach dressed to display religious convictions'.

French beach police to be armed this summer

Decision to arm 100 of around 300 officers who patrol beaches follows the shooting of two police officers in suburb of Paris earlier this month.

Controversy grows over 'Tel Aviv beach' tribute in Paris

Palestine activists and politicians on the Left have attacked the 'indecency' of honouring Israeli city a year after bloody Gaza conflict.

Saudi king cuts short controversial holiday in France

King Salman left after eight days of planned three-week stay in Riviera villa where officials had sealed off beach for security reasons.

Saudi King builds 'illegal' beach lift for French Riviera holidays

The mayor of Vallauris insists lift built to give Saudi Arabia's King Salman access to a fenced-off public beach has no planning permission.

Saudi royals cause storm by closing off French Riviera beach

The mayor of Vallauris has ordered a halt to 'illegal' fencing-off of a local beach by Saudi staff in preparation for a summer visit by King Salmon.

French and Tunisian presidents express solidarity against terrorism 'scourge'

France's François Hollande and Tunisian counterpart Beji Caid Essebsi issued statement after bloody terror attacks in their two countries.

Cannes beach officials ban selfies

Sections of the Riviera beach are designated a 'No Braggies Zone', a haven for those weary of seeing beachgoers taking shots of their own faces.

Former French minister sparks row over veiled woman on beach photo

Nadine Morano posted picture of a veiled holidaymaker on her Facebook account describing the scene as 'an attack on our culture'.

Paris opens annual summer 'beach' venue along river Seine

The riverside roads have been turned over to a seaside décor of sand, palm trees, deck chairs and umbrellas until the end of August.