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French MPs approve 'bee-killer' pesticides for sugar beet farmers

French parliamentarians on Tuesday voted in favour of giving sugar beet farmers, whose crops were diminished this year, a special derogation to use neonicotinoids, a form of pesticide, against rampant aphids and which environmentalists say disrupts bees' reproduction modes and sense of orientation.

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French honey at risk as dying bees put industry in danger

Across the country, French beekeepers are sounding the alarm and say the first part of the season has been 'catastrophic'. 

French PM overrules farm minister on pesticide ban

Édouard Philippe reconfirmed ban on neonicotinoids hours after agriculture minister Stèphane Travert had said he wanted to soften it.

M&M's-crazed bees make blue and green honey

Beekeepers from a dozen apiaries in the Alsace region say their bees' taste for M&M's from a nearby waste-processing plant is causing a problem.