Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran high on agenda as Netanyahu and Macron hold talks in Paris

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Tuesday, when the two swapped opposing views over the Iranian nuclear programme deal and the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, but did agree on concerns over Iran's growing leverage in the Middle East.

Pro-Palestinian march in Paris ahead of Netanyahu visit

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Protestors described President Macron as an 'accomplice' for hosting Israeli PM following US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

Macron hosts Netanyahu at deportation commemoration in Paris

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose hard-line politics have come in for fierce criticism in France, attended the 75th anniversary of an infamous WW2 roundup in Paris for deportation of about 13,000 Jews, after which the two men held talks on the crises in the Middle East.

Controversy over Netanyahu visit to Paris for commemoration

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A visit to Paris on Sunday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he will join in a commemoration of the 1942 arrest in the French capital for deportation of an estimated 13,000 Jews, has been criticised in France by Jewish organisations and others as handing his government an unwelcome political platform.

French tycoon linked to Netanyahu handed 8-year jail term

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French businessman Arnaud Mimran was convicted of carbon tax fraud charges in what has been dubbed the 'fraud of the century'.

Alleged French fraudster claims he gave Netanyahu $200,000

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Spokesman for Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu denies claims that Arnaud Mimran, accused of a major fraud, paid him the money in 2009.

The Netanyahu clan and the French businessman at centre of carbon fraud case

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French businessman Arnaud Mimran, who stood trial in Paris last month for his alleged key role in a massive carbon trading fraud, and who is also placed under investigation in a separate case of kidnapping, set up a company in Israel with French MP Meyer Habib, a close acquaintance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Following  denials and later admissions from Netanyahu over receiving funding from Mimran, the latter’s relationship with the Israeli PM’s entourage is further revealed by the  company, which was created by, and domiciled at, the legal practice of Netanyahu’s lawyer. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Netanyahu rejects peace conference idea as French PM visits Israel

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Israeli PM suggested to Manuel Valls a 'different' French initiative of face-to-face talks with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Paris.

French businessman tells court he gave Benjamin Netanyahu one million euros

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Arnaud Mimran, a French businessman on trial in Paris for his alleged role in a massive carbon trading VAT scam, has confirmed his financial links with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Under cross-examination on Thursday May 19th, Mimran, who is also under investigation in a separate case of kidnapping and sequestration, said he had given Netanyahu one million euros. Mediapart understands the payment dates back to 2001. The Israeli premier has denied he received such a sum. Michel Deléan reports.

French FM rejects Netanyahu claims of bias

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Israeli PM said France's initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks was overshadowed by support Paris gave to Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu's true ties with French businessman at centre of carbon trading fraud case

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month denied ever asking or taking financial favours from French businessman Arnaud Mimran, who next month stands trial in France for his alleged key role in the country’s biggest fraud case centring on a 1.6 billion-euro carbon trading scam, and who is also placed under investigation in a separate case of kidnapping and sequestration. But a joint investigation by Mediapart and Israeli daily Haaretz reveals Netanyahu’s longstanding links with Mimran were far from disinterested. Fabrice Arfi reports.

The glitzy, murky world of man accused of vast French carbon trading fraud

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He has been on good terms with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, played poker regularly with well-known French singer and actor Patrick Bruel and is close friends with a champion French boxer. But French businessman Arnaud Mimran is now accused of being one of the organisers of the 'hold-up of the century' - a carbon trading scam that in total cost French taxpayers 1.6 billion euros. He is also suspected of having organised the kidnapping of a wealthy Swiss financier, while his name has been cited in connection with several unsolved murders. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Israeli officials head to France in bid to block Iran nuclear deal

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Israeli intelligence minister in last-minute meetings with top French diplomats involved in the talks over Tehran's nuclear programme.

France attacks: world leaders to join crowds at Paris march

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The emotional march, which is expected to attract more than a million people, will be led by relatives of the victims of last week's attacks.

Hollande pledges 'relentless' fight against anti-Semitism

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The French president made the pledge alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a tribute to Jewish victims of gunman Mohammed Merah.