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France urges Germany to be more ambitious for eurozone

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, speaking in German to a business conference in Berlin, said France and Germany had 'a way to go' in order to reach a common position for an ambitious reform of the eurozone, adding, 'We must act, it is now or never'.

France urges Berlin to seize 'historic opportunity' on Europe

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire warned that the bloc could succumb to nationalism if they failed in their attempts at reform.

Berlin watches anxiously as France poll approaches

Germany doubts any of the presidential candidates will tackle the political and economic problems faced by their French neighbours.

France’s Emmanuel Macron slammed for speaking English

Far right said independent presidential candidate's decision to speak in English in Berlin showed he had 'no respect' for the French language.

Berlin market attack suspect found to have fled to Italy via Lyon

Tunisian national Anis Amri, 24, who was shot dead by Italian police in Milan on December 23rd, was caught on CCTV footage at a central rail station in the French city of Lyon after escaping from Germany where he was wanted on suspicion of killing 12 people in an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

Berlin massacre suspect arrived in Milan via French town

Fugitive Anis Amri, the Tunisian wanted as the main suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack on Monday which left 12 people dead, was shot and killed by police in Milan early on Friday after entering Italy via the French town of Chambéry, in the south-east Savoie region, according to Italian officials.

French PM warns about risk of Europe 'falling apart'

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, attending an aceonomic forum in Berlin on Thursday, said a far-right victory was possible in France's presidential elections next year and that 'Europe is in danger of falling apart', and called for strong leadership from France and Germany.

France and Germany 'in agreement' over UK's EU exit

French president François Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel seek to restor calm over Brexit ahead of meeting in Berlin.

Hollande backs Merkel's call for common EU refugee policy

French president said current wave of migration from conflict areas in Middle East required coordinated response by 28-member bloc.

French PM forced to pay for children's trip to football match on government jet

Manuel Valls took sons on official Falcon to watch Champions League final in Berlin, claiming his own presence was for official business with Fifa.

Outrage over French PM's use of official jet with sons to watch CL final

Manuel Valls took sons to Berlin on a government Falcon to watch Barcelona-Juventus match, but earlier claimed it was to meet with Uefa chief.

France and Germany show new unity

Shared sorrow over Germanwings plane crash has brought two countries closer together, as shown at inter-government meeting in Berlin.

Greek PM Tsipras seeks anti-austerity ally at Paris talks

President Hollande agreed that Europe needed to spur more growth – but said that Greece also had to abide by EU rules and obligations.

Watch your words or feed populism, French minister warns Germany

Michel Sapin says countries need to respect each others’ history and national identity - otherwise extreme parties will gain more support.

France and Germany pledge investment

After meeting in Berlin, French and German economy and finance ministers pledged to present public investment plans in December.