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France has closed 20 radical mosques since December

News came after French PM said he would consider temporary ban on foreign financing of mosques, urging 'new model' for relations with Islam.

French PM says opposition using Nice attack to 'destabilise' government

Manuel Valls accused conservative opposition of mounting campaign over police numbers on night of Bastille Day attack for 'purely political' reasons.

French interior minister backtracks on Nice attacker profile

Bernard Cazeneuve, who on Friday sounded cautious note on jihadist motive for attack, said on Saturday that killer must have been 'radicalised very rapidly'.

Minister doubtful over call to overhaul French intelligence services

After Parliamentary report urging changes, Bernard Cazeneuve says French intelligence doesn't need 'a perpetual reform movement'.

How France lobbied EU to toughen anti-terror laws

The European Parliament. © Reuters The European Parliament. © Reuters

The influential Civil Liberties committee of MPs at the European Parliament has just agreed on a draft counter-terrorism directive for the European Union. Mediapart can reveal that the content of the text has been considerably influenced by Paris, which has been keen to include measures already adopted in France in recent years. These include a new crime of glorifying or praising terrorism, blocking access to websites and boosting the number of surveillance tools. Jérôme Hourdeaux reports.

France says Calais border will remain closed to migrants

President Hollande said it made 'no sense' to change 2003 Le Touquet deal which effectively moved Britain's border to northern coast of France.

French unions to defy government ban on labour protest march

Authorities had asked unions to scrap plans for Paris march in favour of a static rally to avoid violence which marred previous protests.

French interior minister warns of tougher policing of protests

Bernard Cazeneuve was speaking after regular violence during weeks of protests against labour law reforms, with casualties among police and protestors alike.

Protests, violence and France's love-hate relationship with the police

A clash during a protest in Paris on April 10th, 2016. © Jérôme Chobeaux A clash during a protest in Paris on April 10th, 2016. © Jérôme Chobeaux

There have been claims of police brutality during some of the many protests that have taken place in France in recent weeks against labour law reforms. Yet the police have also been applauded by sections of the public for their role in dealing with terrorist attacks over the past year or so. Meanwhile police officers themselves increasingly resent being painted as defenders of unpopular policies such as the employment law proposals. Matthieu Suc reports on the evolving role of the forces of law and order.

Minister urges elite French police units to end rivalries

Following November 13th Paris attacks, interior minister wants greater cohesion between gendarmes, national police and Paris police.

French authorities crackdown on neo-Nazi group

Cache of weapons was found and 11 people were arrested after police raids in eight regions across France.

French police make arrest over 'advanced' terror plot

Minister says 'high level suspect' involved in planning an attack on French soil that was at 'an advanced stage' arrested at Argenteuil, Paris.

Brussels attacks: France confident of fan safety at Euro 2016

After Belgium bombs, French minister says everything will be put in place to guarantee 'collective security' at summer football tournament.

France to deploy 1,600 extra police after Brussels attacks

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Paris is deploying additional police to border crossings and air, sea and rail infrastructure.

France will not open borders if UK leaves EU says interior minister

Bernard Cazeneuve contradicted claims about impact of Brexit saying: 'We don't need statements that create buzz we need long-term action.'