Bernard Cazeneuve

French interior minister refuses to resign over dam protestor's death

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A police grenade is suspected of killing Remi Fraisse, 21, during clashes between police and opponents of a dam project in SW France.

France says 930 citizens or residents involved in 'jihad’

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The total includes 350 on the ground in Iraq and Syria says interior minister on eve of Iraq security conference in Paris.

France detains 'particularly dangerous' jihadist recruiter

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Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said suspect had 'key role' in recruiting French youths in Strasbourg and Toulouse and sending them to Syria.

Brussels murder suspect ‘planned Bastille Day atrocity’ in Paris

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Libération insists Mehdi Nemmouche told journalists held hostage in Syria of his plan to attack Paris, but interior minister dismisses claim.

French mother reunited with daughter taken by alleged jihadi father

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Meriam Rhaiem, 25, made headlines earlier this year with an emotional appeal to recognise her baby girl, aged 2, as 'the youngest French hostage'.

French minister: 'Why I banned Gaza protests'

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In an interview with Mediapart the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has justified his controversial decision to ban a number of planned protests over the Israeli war against Gaza. In doing so Cazeneuve insisted that it was his decision to ban those demonstrations, and not that of the president François Hollande or prime minister Manuel Valls. The interior minister insisted his ministry had “concrete evidence” that synagogues and Jewish businesses were going to be singled out in those protests. During the interview Cazeneuve also said he had often joined marches in the Palestinian cause in the past and “would have done so again” had he not been in office. Fabrice Arfi, Louise Fessard and Mediapart's editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel report.

July road deaths hit 60-year low in France

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A total of 304 people were killed in accidents on France's roads last month compared with 344 in the same period in 2013.

Jewish group asks French minister to rename hamlet called 'Death to Jews'

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Simon Wiesenthal Centre says it is 'shocked' that name of the hamlet south of Paris has survived but local commune says it should be kept.

Suspected French-Moroccan 'jihadist' detained at Paris airport

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Suspect arrested by security services on arrival in France as part of preliminary investigation into possible 'conspiracy to plan terrorist acts'.

France considers ban on radical Jewish group

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Interior ministry 'analysing' its options against the Ligue de Défense Juive, accused of provoking pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris area.

France to clamp down on would-be jihadists with new law

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Proposed bill includes ban on foreign travel for individuals suspected of being radicalised, plus powers to confiscate their passports.

France arrests four over suspected Syria jihadist ring

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The four were detained in Marseille over allegations that they have been helping to recruit volunteers for radical Islamist networks in Syria.

French police arrest 6 suspected Syria jihadists

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French interior minister says the six arrested in Strasbourg are suspected of participating in a jihadist network, and recently traveled to Syria.

Chinese police to help patrol Paris tourist destinations

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Move reflects French concern over rising number of muggings aimed at Chinese tourists, of whom a million visit France each year.

France says 16,000 declare hidden bank accounts

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Budget minister Bernard Cazeneuve says the government is on track to collect 230 million euros from just 2,621 of the cases.