Bernard Tapie

French prosecutor says Lagarde should stand trial over Tapie affair

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Official says IMF boss should go to court over her handling of massive state payout to Bernard Tapie when she was France's finance minister.

French tycoon loses appeal against striking down of 404m euro award

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Appeal court throws out Bernard Tapie's attempt to reverse quashing of a 404-million-euro award to him in dispute with Crédit Lyonnais bank.

French tycoon Bernard Tapie announces return to politics

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Ex-minister embroiled in scandal over which IMF boss Christine Lagarde faces court wants to fight youth unemployment and rise of far-right.

French judges send IMF chief Lagarde for trial

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International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has been sent for trial in France for “negligence” when she was French finance minister in her management of an arbitration process that awarded French businessman Bernard Tapie with 404 million euros paid out of public funds, Mediapart can reveal. Earlier this month the Paris appeals court ordered Tapie to pay back the controversial 2008 payout. Michel Deléan and Laurent Mauduit report.

Paris court orders tycoon Bernard Tapie to pay back to state 404m euros

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Magistrates rule he wrongly received the compensation sum for he had not been duped by state bankers when he sold sportswear firm Adidas in 1992.

Disgraced French tycoon Bernard Tapie to sue state for 1bln euros

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The former owner of Adidas claims new evidence shows state-owned bank Crédit Lyonnais actively devalued his shares it was mandated to sell.

Paris court overturns 403-million-euro payout to tycoon Bernard Tapie

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Six people, including Tapie, his lawyer and judge Pierre Estoup, are under investigation for organised fraud in the contested 2008 deal.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde placed under investigation in France

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Lagarde now faces possible 'negligence' charge for her role in a payout of 400-million euros of public money to a business tycoon.

IMF's Lagarde to be questioned in court over 'Tapie Affair'

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It is Lagarde's third appearance before judges probing her role as French finance minister in huge mediation payout to tycoon Bernard Tycoon.

French ex football tycoon Tapie probed for tax evasion

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Businessman Bernard Tapie dismisses investigation, which relates to up to 15 million euros in allegedly unpaid taxes, as 'intimidation measure'.

Sarkozy’s legal woes roll on despite court ruling

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Probe into ex-president's role in Bettencourt affair is over but other cases threaten damage to his reputation as he mulls over poltical comeback.

Main beneficiaries from scandals on left and right in France will be extremists

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As Tapie affair grows, Marine Le Pen, the far-right National Front leader, delights in denouncing a privileged ruling caste on left and right.

French tycoon Bernard Tapie placed under investigation

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The controversial business figure faces corruption probe over a huge payout he received to settle a long-running legal battle with French state.

France challenges arbitration award in Tapie inquiry

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State-controlled body takes action to annul €403m award to colourful businessman Bernard Tapie over his dispute with bank Credit Lyonnais.

CEO targeted in France's Tapie case says Lagarde fully briefed

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Head of Orange says IMF boss knew all the facts before approving arbitration that saw tycoon Bernard Tapie awarded a huge payout in 2008.