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Five women arrested in southern France in suspected attack plot

A police official said the domestic intelligence service and national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office are handling the investigation.

Severe flooding in south of France leaves three dead

Some 2,000 firefighters and rescue workers were deployed in region as rivers burst their banks, blocked roads and caused significant damage.

Armed gang free prisoner in south-east France

The accomplices knocked a female guard to the ground and shot at the van in the town of Tarascon.

French mayor fined for 'too many Muslim children' comment

Robert Ménard, mayor of Béziers, was fined 2,000 euros for inciting hatred after comments over number of Muslim children in his local schools.

Mayor of southern French town causes outrage over Muslim pupil count

Robert Ménard, elected on a far-right ticket, said 64.6% of town's schoolchildren were Muslims after an illegal poll of childrens' first names.

The Reporters Without Borders founder now a mayor with the French far-right

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Robert Ménard, co-founder of the renowned NGO Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières), which has mounted a fierce global campaign over almost a quarter of a century to promote freedom of expression and to defend journalists from persecution, was last weekend elected mayor of Béziers, a large town in southern France. But Ménard’s political ascension has proved to be a severe embarrassment for the NGO, for he was elected with the full backing of France’s far-right Front National party. With the help of Ménard’s former colleagues, Marine Turchi traces the bizarre path of the admired and reviled maverick activist whose early political affiliation was with a French Trotskyist party.