Fatal drugs trial: what the French authorities are hiding

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On January 17th, 2016, a volunteer died after taking part in a drugs trial in the west of France, while four others suffered suspected brain damage. The company who conducted the trial and supervisory authorities have insisted that the tragedy was “unprecedented” and could not have been foreseen. However, new evidence has emerged that a volunteer in a earlier trial with the same drug suffered side effects and that a later MRI scan shows he suffered a stroke. Yet this information appears to have been concealed by the medical and health authorities. Mediapart's science correspondent Michel de Pracontal reports.

French drug trial scandal: 'dogs died in pre-clinical test'

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Newspaper says that drug which left one person dead and four others with suspected brain damage had killed dogs in pre-clinical trial.

Man who lost brain function in French drugs trial dies

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Three other men are in intensive care in a Rennes hospital with what doctors fear may be irreversible brain damage after the Phase 1 clinical trial.

Three investigations launched into drug trial disaster in France

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The probes are to determine if the procedure of the trial, which left one man brain dead and three other critically ill, was at fault, or the drug.