Draft law on climate change wins first hurdle in French parliament

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The French lower house, the National Assembly, on Tuesday approved draft legislation on new measures to tackle climate change, including bans on some domestic flights and the creation of a new 'ecocide' crime to punish polluters, before the bill, which Greenpeace called 'a lost opportunity', goes to the Senate.

Protests mount over new French bill banning images of police officers

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Proposed legislation to ban the dissemination on social or traditional media of police officers' faces, justified as protecting the safety of police staff, and which would apply to civilians and journalists alike, has prompted street protests in Paris and other cities across the country over what demonstraors say is a law which would gag disclosure of police abuses. 

French Senate approves controversial anti-terrorism powers bill

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Proposed legislation by France's new government to enshrine into regular law certain far-reaching powers allowed under the current state of emergency has passed its first parliamentary test after the Senate approved the bill by a two-thirds majority, meaning it will now go before the lower house, the National Assembly, where the government has a large majority, in October.

French 'transparency' bill let down by compromise and ambiguity


A bill of law on “transparency, anti-corruption and modernization of economic life” introduces for the first time in France a legal definition and protection of whistleblowers and a provision that companies will have to declare their tax position in countries where they or their subsidiaries operate. But for some MPs and transparency activists, the fine detail of this ambitious law makes it a lost opportunity. Dan Israel reports.

France bills McDonald’s for 300m euros in unpaid tax

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Magazine L'Expansion says French demand is for unpaid taxes on profits believed to have been funnelled through Luxembourg and Switzerland.

French parliament reduces proposed 'Nutella' tax sum

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A bill of law proposing a punitive 300-euro-per tonne tax on palm oil has been amended to 90 euros per tonne after protests from producer countries.

French digital rights bill published and open for citizens' amendments

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In exercise in 'open democracy', text of the Digital Republic bill is online and open to suggestions from French citizens until October 17.

French public asked to review digital rights bill

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A draft law will been offered to the public for a first reading, with officials saying move could be a great success or a 'complete flop'.

French lower house approves bill of law to punish prostitutes' clients

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The National Assembly approved the legislation to punish sex clients while removing punishment for soliciting, but it will now return to Senate.

French parliament begins debating controversial surveillance bill

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The proposed new legislation aims to install sweeping spying powers to tackle terrorism, but which critics say place human rights under threat.

France gives workers right to donate days off to colleagues with sick children

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The law is inspired by the case a French man whose colleagues donated 170 days paid leave while his son battled with cancer.

Sex workers protest as French parliament examines prostitution bill

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'You sleep with us and you vote against us,' shouted a group of prostitutes outside parliament as a divided National Assembly began debating the bill.

French parliament squeezes through pension reform

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A reform intended to bolster the finances of France's indebted pension system has been passed by 270 votes in favour and 249 against.

France to force big companies to disclose foreign tax bill

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Move follows EU summit which pledged to close loopholes to stop firms such as Google, Apple and Amazon aggressively avoiding taxes.

Hollande signs same-sex marriage bill into law

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The French president has signed into law a bill contested by the opposition making France the 14th country worldwide to legalise gay marriage.