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French boy granted tilde to his name after two-year legal fight

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When Fañch Bernard was born in May 2017, a local official refused to include on his birth certificate the tild, used in the language of the Breton people of north-west France, prompting a two-year battle through the courts, when the authorities argued that that the tilde was a 'breach of the will of our state of law to maintain the unity of the country', and which has finally ended in victory for the boy's parent's – and  the tilde.

How France helped Gabon leader Bongo in 'fake birth certificate' scandal

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Gabonese president Ali Bongo is seeking a second term of office in elections due in August in the former French colony, where the economy is bled by rampant corruption, a legacy of his father Omar, for decades a key French ally in Africa. But the legitimacy of Ali Bongo’s rise to power in 2009, and his bid for reelection, is thrown into doubt over suspicion that his birth certificate is a fake, and that he is in fact an adopted Nigerian, for the constitution of Gabon prohibits naturalized citizens from running for the presidency. Mediapart has gained access to a document showing the French presidency has stepped into the controversy to announce the certificate is “authentic”, despite growing evidence to the contrary. Fabrice Arfi reports.