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Ex-university head under investigation over rotting bodies scandal

Biologist Frédéric Dardel, former head of the Paris-Descartes University, has been placed under investigation in a judicial probe into how the establishment's centre housing bodies intended for medical research became so dilapidated that corpses were found rotting and dismembered amid an infestation of rats, flies and worms.

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Germanwings plane crash: France halts search for bodies

Search for bodies from the crash site in the French Alps ends as families gather to mourn victims of the doomed passenger jet.

Boom and doom: the Yellow River corpse merchant

Cliquer sur l'image pour lancer le diaporama. © Jordan Pouille Cliquer sur l'image pour lancer le diaporama. © Jordan Pouille
This man makes a living from selling bodies to grieving families. He fishes them out of the Yellow River, in China's Gansu province, at the rate of 200 a year. The remains of victims of suicides and murders float down from Lanzhou, an expanding industrial city from where Mediapart special correspondent Jordan Pouille reports on a dark and hidden side of the Chinese economic boom.