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French police arrest suspect over Lyon bomb blast

The 24-year old man is suspected of being behind last week’s bomb blast in the central city of Lyon that injured 13 people.

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Three placed under investigation over failed bombing of Paris building

France's senior anti-terrorism prosecutor François Molins said on Friday that three men, two of whom security services have identified as 'radicalised Islamists', are to be placed under investigation for their suspected role in attempting to set off a bomb in a wealthy Paris district last Saturday, but that the reason they targeted the apartment building in the capital's 16th arrondissement remained unclear.

Five arrested over 'failed bomb' found below Paris apartment building

French interior minister Gérard Collomb said one of five people held for questioning after the discovery at the weekend of four gas bottles and a detonation device linked to a mobile phone at the foot of a residential building in a wealthy Paris neighbourhood is known to security services as a "radicalised" Islamist.

Brussels attack is strike against all of Europe, says Hollande

After emergency cabinet meeting in Paris the French president said: 'France will implacably continue the fight against terrorism.'

French media report black boxes of downed Russian jet 'recorded blast'

Citing sources close to the investigation, media say flight recorders reveal a loud sound before a 'sudden end' to plane's course above Egypt.

Canadian academic extradited to France for 1980 Paris synagogue attack

Hassan Diab, 60, is suspected of carrying out the bombing in central Paris that left four people dead and more than 40 others injured.

France in 1984 bomb plot to test UK security

British police found explosives stashed in the grounds of French ambassador's residence ahead of visit by president François Mitterrand.

Bomb blast hits French embassy in Libya

The French embassy in Tripoli was targeted by a car bomb on Tuesday, injuring two French guards and causing significant material damage.

Roadside bomb wounds 5 French peacekeepers in south Lebanon

A roadside bomb struck a vehicle carrying UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon on Friday, wounding five French soldiers and a Lebanese bystander.