France`s scorned former first lady publishes secret memoirs

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Publication of Valérie Trierweiler's 'truthful' account of her break-up with François Hollande is unlikely to improve president's image.

Hollande is 'nobody's president' says his former minister

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In a book out this week the Green party's Cécile Duflot says French president suffers from 'chronic indecisiveness' and cannot meet targets.

Book tells of private misery of France’s ‘First Ladies’

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Author reveals the boredom, frustration and the feeling of being sidelined that has been endured by Premières Dames in recent decades.

WWII letters from occupied France show morale-boosting role of BBC

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A book published in France reveals a forgotten cache of letters sent secretly to the BBC and which illustrate its role in French civil resistance.

Former French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler to pen a tell-all book

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In interview Trierweiler also describes feeling like she had 'fallen from a skyscraper' when she learnt of Francois Hollande's affair with an actress.

Nicolas Sarkozy's 'shocking comments' lost him election, says ex-wife

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Nicolas Sarkozy displayed a “worrying impulsiveness” according to his ex-wife in extracts of a “tell-all” autobiography.

French first lady claims court victory in privacy battle

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Paris court awardsValérie Trierweiler €10,000 in damages after ruling that a book about her love life breached her right to privacy.

Hollande's partner Trierweiler to sue over 'love triangle' book claims

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President's partner and a former conservative minister sue the authors of a book alleging she maintained a love triangle with both men while married.

The word from France's run-down estates


A remarkable book written by four young men has highlighted the reality of life on one of France's many impoverished and neglected housing estates. The work, which began as a writing project with their community worker, and which combines tragic insight with flashes of great humour, tackles issues of education, the police, drugs, prison and even the role of history among the writers and their friends. But, as Joseph Confavreux reports, perhaps the major achievement of 'Nous...La cité' ('We...the estate') is that it has taught four young men from a run-down area the power of the written word.

Valerie Trierweiler’s 'thirst for revenge’ against Francois Hollande’s former partner

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New book 'Entre Deux Feux’ portrays France's First Lady as a paranoid woman, who is determinedly set against Ségolène Royal.

Is Astérix creator Albert Uderzo being swindled by members of his entourage?


The 85-year-old French artist who co-created the world-famous Astérix comic book series is surrounded by advisers and employees who benefit enormously from his largesse. Crying foul play, Albert Uderzo’s only daughter succeeded in getting an examining magistrate to look into the affair. Mediapart's Michel Deléan reveals the inside story of the ongoing investigation.  

A myth-exploding history of black France


A major work just published in France charts the rich and very diverse history of the country's black population from the late 17th century to current times. "We wanted to make this history a visible one, with all the markers of grand history", explains historian Pascal Blanchard, editor of La France noire, trois siècles de présence, (‘Black France, a presence over three centuries'). The book blows away many social myths, and fills the deafening silence of traditional teaching that ignores the place of black people in the making of the history of France. Here, Blanchard tells Joseph Confavreux how he and his team approached this ambitious project and comments for Mediapart a series of documents contained in the work.

The eerie plot penned by L'Oréal family scandal dandy in 1971


Socialite François-Marie Banier, accused of being a bullying fortune hunter by the daughter of L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, published a novel (left) in his youth with a plot that eerily echoes the current scandal surrounding him and the 88 year-old matriarch from whom he has received almost one billion euros. In Banier's book, the hero worms his way into the affections of a wealthy family uncannily similar to the Bettencourts, earning him, among other things, the lifelong enmity of their daughter.