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France to close its borders to arrivals from outside EU

Prime minister Jean Castex also said France will close all large shopping centres, in bid to prevent need for a third lockdown.

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France to impose border checks to stop skiing abroad

In common with Germany and Italy, France is shutting its ski lifts over Christmas to stop the spread of Covid-19, but Swiss slopes are already open.

French prime minister calls for tighter border security

Manuel Valls urged extra vigilance to stop people entering Europe on false passports as IS has 'stolen a large number of passports in Syria'.

Belgium reintroduces border controls to keep out Calais migrants

Belgians aim to prevent potential influx of UK-bound migrants if part of the 'Jungle' camp in the French ferry port of Calais is demolished.

Movements of Paris attacks 'mastermind' raise EU security questions

Growing concern in France after it emerged that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of Europe’s most wanted men, travelled freely around continent.

French farmers block German, Spanish border roads

In a continuing campaign of protests over poor earnings, farmers blocked farm imports into France claiming they represent unfair competition.

Fraud surveillance weakens as French customs forces dwindle

French customs staff numbers and ressources are falling sharply, mirroring an EU-wide decline in monitoring of surveillance of import traffic.