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President Macron visits London for Resistance anniversary

The French head of state is commemorating the 80th anniversary of wartime leader Charles de Gaulle's BBC broadcast to occupied France after the 1940 Nazi invasion.

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Gaffe-prone Johnson puts his foot in it at meeting with Macron

A photo showing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson putting his foot up on a stool in front of President Emmanuel Macron at their meeting inside the Elysée Palace appeared garrulous and insulting, as widely commented on social media, but the photographer who captured the image has revealed that it was a comic gesture after the French president joked that he could use it to put his legs up.

Macron firm over backstop during Brexit talks with Johnson

French President Emmanuel Macron, meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Paris on Thursday, said the so-called 'backstop' arrangement for the border on the island of Ireland was 'indispensable' to the UK leaving the EU with an agreed deal, but also added that a solution to the disputed issue was possible 'if there is a good will on both sides'.

Macron's move to lure Indian students prompts Johnson retort

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson took to Twitter to counter French President Emmanuel Macron's attempts to attract Indian students to France where, he said, 'you gain access to Europe' in a thinly veiled comparison to the situation of post-Brexit Britain.

Johnson's floated Channel bridge idea given thumbs-down

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson's proposition to build a road traffic bridge linking England and France, which he mooted at Thursday's summit meeting between the British and French governments, has been dismissed by industrial bodies and experts as impractical and unnecessary.

In Irma-hit Caribbean islands, a tale of two relief efforts

Both France and Britain have been accused of mismanaging the crisis in the hurricane-devastated Caribbean islands they administer, but there was a clear difference between the style of the visits to the region by France's president and Britain's foreign secretary. 

Uproar over UK foreign minister's WWII jibe over Brexit deal talks

Following French President François Hollande's warning that the UK must be given reduced access to the EU single market after leaving the bloc, British foreign minister Boris Johnson accused Hollande of wanting 'to administer punishment beatings to anybody who chooses to escape, rather in the manner of some sort of World War II movie'.   

French FM says Boris Johnson is 'liar with back against the wall'

Jean-Marc Ayrault's remarks on Thursday referred to the campaigning of pro-Brexit leader and who has now been named British foreign secretary.

How Brexit referendum turned into an elite-bashing show


The surprise vote in Britain highlighted numerous fractures within British society, in particular between old and young voters. As Mediapart English's Michael Streeter reports, the referendum also persuaded many disgruntled and impoverished working class voters to vote for the first time in years – and punish the Establishment elites.

London and Paris the 'yin and yang' of Europe says mayor

London mayor Boris Johnson made comment during visit to meet counterpart Anne Hidalgo, as she described 'healthy' rivalry between two cities.

Is London really 'France's sixth biggest city'?

London mayor Boris Johnson claims the huge French population in his city gives it the title, but some figures say otherwise.

Boris Johnson praises France, coy about ambitions on Paris radio

Though known for his repeated “French bashing”, the London mayor was on surprisingly good behaviour during an interview in the French capital.