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Bouygues wins appeal against 4G licence fees

French telecoms regulator had granted Bouygues 4G use of its second-generation mobile spectrum, but at a six-fold increase over voice-call cost.

Bouygues ready to sell mobile network in SFR bid

Bouygues Telecom's offer to sell its mobile network to Iliad, owner of Free, is dependent upon regulators approving its bid for Vivendi's SFR.

French phone company demands subscriber pay 12qn-euro bill

Mobile phone company Bouygues Telecom sent a jobless teaching assistant a bill for nearly 6,000 times France's annual economic output.

France moves towards 'web neutrality' law

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The notion of web neutrality is one whereby all access to the internet, and the very process of activity on the internet, is treated equally. It has become the subject of passionate international debate while service providers increasingly control, prioritize and even block certain forms of access and services, and government agencies are empowered to interfere in access to, and the functioning of, websites. Vincent Truffy reports on how France is moving towards legislation to define and ensure a neutral, non-prioritised web for all.