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Orange boss travels to Israel to apologise over 'boycott misunderstanding'

Stéphane Richard insisted his comment that Orange wanted to disengage from its Israeli partner was purely a business matter and not political.

French FM tries to defuse 'anti-Semitism' row over Orange pull-out from Israel

Laurent Fabius said he was against 'any boycott of Israel' after claims that French mobile operator's exit from Israel was a 'miserable statement'.

Leading French unions boycott job creation summit

Two unions said they will shun crucial talks scheduled for Tuesday, accusing President Hollande of siding with employers over job creation plans.

François-Henri Pinault joins boycott of Brunei-owned Paris luxury hotels

The French billionaire tycoon has joined the growing worldwide protest over Sultan of Brunei's decision to implement sharia law.

The ex-immigrant rights activist now marching to the tune of France's far-right

Last week parents of pupils at around 100 French primary schools kept their children at home following unfounded rumours that they were being taught 'gender theory'. Education minister Vincent Peillon felt obliged to order parents to be summonsed to schools to explain that the claims being spread in a concerted text and email campaign were untrue. The woman behind the school boycott call – which exploits a favourite issue of the far-right and hard-line Catholics - is 55-year-old teacher Farida Belghoul. Yet Belghoul was not always involved with the far-right; in the early 1980s she was a high-profile left-wing campaigner on immigrant rights. Lucie Delaporte and Rachida El Azzouzi report on her political journey.


French philosopher calls for boycott of goods advertised in English

Michel Serres protests there are more English words in ads on the walls of Toulouse than there were in notices in German during the Occupation.

French cabinet to boycott Euro 2012 in Ukraine

France's sport minister announces football tournament protest over the treatment of jailed opposition figure Yulia Tymoshenko in the Ukraine.

Polish PM denies boycott of Hollande

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has denied boycotting French Socialist Party presidential candidate François Hollande during a visit to Poland.