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Is the fight against corruption in France faltering?


In the last week four cases of alleged corruption, fraud, abuse of position or negligence involving prominent figures in French society have ended with no one being punished. In two cases the defendants were acquitted, in another no sentence was passed, while in the investigation concerning former government minister and current head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, the prosecution said the case should be dropped. Mediapart's legal affairs correspondent Michel Deléan considers whether the French justice system is giving way when faced with certain high-profile political and financial cases – and if so, why.

French bank chief cleared in conflict of interest case

Prosecutors had claimed a conflict of interest when François Perol became head of BPCE bank after being advisor to President Sarkozy.

'Millions' of small investors affected by Natixis funds' hidden commissions


A system of hidden commissions on investment funds operated by Natixis Asset Management and sold to small investors in France via the company’s parent bank BPCE is estimated to have creamed off about 100 million euros from unwitting customers. Amid an investigation into the affair by the French financial markets regulator, Mediapart publishes here a hitherto confidential list of the 75 funds involved. Laurent Mauduit reports.

Chairman of French bank to face trial for conflict of interest

Court to decide whether appointment of François Pérol as head of BPCE after being President Sarkozy's economic adviser breached rules.

Head of France's BPCE bank 'probed over conflict of interest'

Judicial investigation into 2009 appointment of Francois Perol, who was President Sarkozy's economics adviser, as chairman of merged bank.