France hosts 'Ocean Summit' targeting sea pollution, overfishing

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The 'One Ocean Summit' has openend in Brest, north-west France, bringing together world governments, NGOs and maritime transport businesses for a three-day conference seeking to establish new international regulations to tackle issues that include pollution of the seas, notably by plastics, illegal and excessive fishing, and carbon emissions from shipping. 

Children in France's poorest families go hungry during virus lockdown

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Families who usually rely on casual work to make ends meet have been unable to earn money since the lockdown began in France on March 17th. As a result their children are starting to go hungry. On May 15th the French state will pay “emergency aid” of an extra 150 euros to families who already receive welfare benefits. But voluntary groups say this is not soon enough and that help is needed now. To fill the gap left by the state, local support groups have meanwhile been springing up across the country, in some cases led by teachers. Faïza Zerouala reports.

Gunman wounds two at French mosque, suspect found dead

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The main suspect was later found dead with a bullet wound in his head in an apparent suicide, say police.

Rutting dolphin prompts French mayor to ban sea swimming

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A three-metre bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Zafar which was previously adopted as a harmless and welcome presence for swimmers and kayakers at a seaside resort in Brittany, north-west France, has developed a fiesty nature, latterly upturning a female swimmer, after apparently entering a period of sexual arousal. 

French renew search for Cordelière, sunk in 1512 naval battle

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The Cordelière, pride of Anne of Brittany’s navy, exploded off the coast of Brest in 1512 after Henry VIII’s armada surprised her fleet.

French prosecutors drop corruption case against Macron ally

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Prosecutors in the north-west town of Brest have wound down their investigation into former Socialist Party member Richard Ferrand, a key figure behind Emmanuel Macron's succesful bid for the French presidency, who was forced to stand down from government in June after the probe was opened into allegations he used his position as head of a local public health trust to hand his partner a lucrative property deal.