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France's Cazeneuve and UK's Robertson warn military alliance at risk

In a joint op-ed article published in The Guardian, former French prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve and former UK defence minister and NATO secretary general George Robertson warn of the dangers that Brexit presents to what they call the 'strong relationship' between France and Britain in military cooperation.

French officials dismiss UK fears of Calais 'go-slow' after Brexit

Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region which includes the port, said ensuring the 'fluidity' of trade was essential.

Macron ambiguous over post-Brexit visas for UK residents

Speaking at the European Union summit in Brussels dominated by the struggling negotiations to find a mutual agreement for conditions of the UK's exit from the union, French President Emmanuel Macron described reports that British citizens would require a visa to enter or remain in France as 'fake news', but also did not rule out the possibility.

British expats in France fret over Brexit uncertainty

With just more than five months to go before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union, the continuing confusion over the future status of EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU is causing mounting anxiety for many of the latter in France, and a leap in applications for French nationality.

France prepares contigency plans for hard Brexit deal

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has asked ministers to discuss plans ahead of a possible exit of Britain from the European Union without mutual agreement terms, and to prepare measures necessary to mitigate difficulties 'linked with this unprecedented challenge', including facilitating the stay of British citizens currently living in France and ensuring smooth border controls.

UK manufacturing output slips behind France

Recent data shows the UK’s manufacturing sector being starved of investment funds and losing momentum as uncertainty persists surrounding the the UK’s relationship with the EU from next year.

Fury over move to cut French ports from post-Brexit trade route

President of region that includes Calais, Boulogne and Dunkirk, urged EU to review decision to ship goods via Belgium and Netherlands instead.

May and Macron hold 'informal' Brexit talks in France

Private dinner took place between France's president and his wife, Brigitte, and May and her husband, Philip, at the 13th-century Fort Brégançon.

Britain appeals to France, Germany to help avoid 'no deal' Brexit

British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, who visited Paris on Tuesday, has called on France and Germany to put pressure on European Union negotiators in Brexit talks to respond more positively to the UK's propositions for a deal and to avoid what he has said is otherwise 'the real chance' of his country leaving the EU next year without one.

Paris Eurostar hub to be rebuilt for post-Brexit border control delays

The French railways operator SNCF has unveiled plans to renovate its Gare du Nord station in time for the 2024 Paris Olympics, including changes to the Eurostar terminal in order to meet what it described as “the challenges of reinforced border controls due to Brexit”.

The 'message' behind Macron's loan of the Bayeux Tapestry to Britain

A section of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, wielding a club and encouraging the troops of William, Duke of Normandy during the Battle of Hastings. A section of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, wielding a club and encouraging the troops of William, Duke of Normandy during the Battle of Hastings.

During Emmanuel Macron’s first official visit to Britain last Thursday, when Brexit, defence cooperation and immigration policies topped the agenda, the French president also announced the loan to Britain of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, the nearly 70-metre long, 11th-century embroidered cloth of images and commentary that recounts the 1066 Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror. Amid the many interpretations of Macron’s move, from simple goodwill gesture to tongue-in-cheek reminder of Britain’s continental roots, Joseph Confavreux turned to French university lecturer in mediaeval history Julien Théry for his analysis.

Macron says UK might obtain unique deal with EU

The UK could have "deeper relations" with the EU than other countries after it leaves the bloc, with a deal somewhere between access to the single market and a trade agreement, said French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with the BBC to be broadcast on Sunday.

France eyes hosting banks post-Brexit after Paris wins watchdog move

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire said the decision to relocate the European Banking Authority from London to Paris, in preparation of Brexit, sent exactly the sort of signal that big banks such as Goldman and Morgan Stanley were waiting for.

French banks say they will create 1,000 jobs in Paris after Brexit

Top French banks have said that after Britain's departure from the European Union a total of 1,000 jobs will be created by moving part of their current operations in London to Paris.

City of London envoy to EU says France wants 'disruptive' Brexit

The City of London's envoy to the EU, Jeremy Browne, has said French the authorities were seeking "the weakening of Britain, the ongoing degradation of the City" and "are in favour of the hardest Brexit" in a leaked memorandum written after he attended talks with various French authorities earlier this month.