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Brexit repeal bill turns back 'on a system of laws that influenced and became the fabric' of UK society

By Hélaine Lefrançois

The British parliament was on Thursday presented with the bill of law that aims to transfer European Union (EU) law into British law at the moment of the country’s exit from the EU in two years time. The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, more widely known as the “repeal bill”, is necessary to avoid a black hole in legislation on the day after Britain leaves the union, but will allow the British parliament to subsequently remove any number of the EU laws adopted into national legislation. For an explanation of the complexity of the task, Mediapart’s UK correspondent Hélaine Lefrançois spoke to lawyer Robert Bell, specialised in EU and British competition laws with the London law firm Bryan Cave who says that, beyond the proposed legislation, “I just do not see how Brexit can be negotiated in two years”.

France to propose new measures to lure City banks to Paris

Move to boost appeal of Paris as destination for finance comes 10 days before the Bank of England deadline for UK firms to outline Brexit plans.

Macron tells May still chance 'to reopen the door' with EU

At a press conference following the meeting in Paris on Tuesday evening between French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the French head of state, who has previously warned May that a tough deal awaits Britain's referendum decision to leave the EU, said of the so-called Brexit negotiations that until they come to an end 'there is always a chance to reopen the door'.

May and Macron discuss Brexit terms

British Prime Minister Theresa May held talks with French Presisdent Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Sicily when, a spokesperson said, she underlined that she wanted the reciprocal arrangements for British and EU expatriate nationals to be decided early on in the discussions over Britain's exit from the EU.

France eyes 'opportunity' for eurozone with Brexit

French economy minister Bruno Le Maire said the UK's departure from the EU was 'an opportunity for our financial companies to be more attractive', apparently referring to the relocation of what is currently the of the City of London's lucrative business of clearing euro-denominated derivatives.

France can reap rewards from Brexit and election says business chief

Head of bosses' group MEDEF Pierre Gattaz expects investment boost from election of either François Fillon or Emmanuel Macron in May.

May hosts French PM with pledge not to 'cherry-pick' in Brexit talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May met with her French counterpart, Bernard Cazeneuve, in London on Friday, pledging that Britain will not seek to 'cherry-pick' in negotiations over leaving the European Union, and reiterated her her aim to guarantee rights of EU nationals already in the UK and said she hoped France will do the same for Britons living there.

French presidential candidate Macron promises 'tough' deal on Brexit

Maverick centrist Emmanuel Macron, the former French economy minister who is currently tipped by opinion polls to reach the two-horse final round of presidential elections in May, has warned Britain that 'you don’t get a passport and you don’t get access to the single market when you decide to leave' the European Union.

Uproar over UK foreign minister's WWII jibe over Brexit deal talks

Following French President François Hollande's warning that the UK must be given reduced access to the EU single market after leaving the bloc, British foreign minister Boris Johnson accused Hollande of wanting 'to administer punishment beatings to anybody who chooses to escape, rather in the manner of some sort of World War II movie'.   

Hollande tells May that Brexit negotiations must start end of March

French President François Hollande, reacting after British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech on Tuesday setting out London's intention to seek a clear split from the European single market, said he wanted negotiations on the conditions of Britain's departure from the EU to begin as soon as it invokes the process, due at the end of March.

French finance minister slams UK 'improvisation' over Brexit

Michel Sapin said 'nobody was ready' for last June's UK referendum result in favour of the country leaving the European Union, and described the British government's threat that it might use lowered corporation tax as a bargaining card in negotiations over a Brexit deal as demonstrating 'how helpless the British government is'.

France 'aiming to take Nato leadership role from Britain after Brexit'

Paris sent unofficial delegation to US to argue that French armed forces were better placed to be America’s special ally in Europe after Brexit.

France moves ahead of UK in world economic table forecast

Britain's vote to leave the European Union and the resulting fall in the value of sterling have caused it to fall behind France in a world economic ranking produced by the independent think-tank CEBR, which also predicts strong rise in Asian economies over the coming years.

EU Brexit negotiator pushes for associate EU citizenship for Britons

The European Parliament's chief negotiator on the terms of Britain's exit from the European Union, Guy Verhofstadt, says he will fast track to the negotiations a proposal to offer associate EU membership to British nationals who wish to retain free movement to live and work on the continent.

France sets up Brexit team to lure business from London

An Oxford-educated Franco-Australian business leader is to be named the 'ambassador' heading efforts to lure UK-based companies to Paris.