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French finance minister slams UK 'improvisation' over Brexit

Michel Sapin said 'nobody was ready' for last June's UK referendum result in favour of the country leaving the European Union, and described the British government's threat that it might use lowered corporation tax as a bargaining card in negotiations over a Brexit deal as demonstrating 'how helpless the British government is'.

France 'aiming to take Nato leadership role from Britain after Brexit'

Paris sent unofficial delegation to US to argue that French armed forces were better placed to be America’s special ally in Europe after Brexit.

France moves ahead of UK in world economic table forecast

Britain's vote to leave the European Union and the resulting fall in the value of sterling have caused it to fall behind France in a world economic ranking produced by the independent think-tank CEBR, which also predicts strong rise in Asian economies over the coming years.

EU Brexit negotiator pushes for associate EU citizenship for Britons

The European Parliament's chief negotiator on the terms of Britain's exit from the European Union, Guy Verhofstadt, says he will fast track to the negotiations a proposal to offer associate EU membership to British nationals who wish to retain free movement to live and work on the continent.

France sets up Brexit team to lure business from London

An Oxford-educated Franco-Australian business leader is to be named the 'ambassador' heading efforts to lure UK-based companies to Paris.

French president says UK in for tough time if it demands hard Brexit

At a European Council meeting in Brussels, François Hollande said negotiations over Britain's future relationship with the European Union 'will be hard' if London adopts a 'hard Brexit' approach, while European Parliament president Martin Schulz said restrictions on immigration would mean an economic cost for the UK.

France, Germany to share military facilities post Brexit

Paris and Berlin announce plans to share air base and transport planes, probably at Orléans in central France, as part of a closer defence policy.

France turns anglophone to woo UK businesses

Regulators will accept paperwork in English in attempt to persuade finance firms to move from London to Paris after Brexit vote.

Sarkozy vows to offer UK exit from Brexit if he wins French poll

Former president plans revised EU treaty that he believes could persuade Britain to remain in bloc despite referendum vote.

Block UK financial firms from selling to Eurozone says Macron

Former economy minister and French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron dismisses idea of post-Brexit concessions for the City of London.

France and Germany plan ‘more active’ EU defence

Paper by country's defence ministers proposes setting up a European defence headquarters, a common surveillance system and sharing logistics.

Former French FM Michel Barnier to head Brexit talks for EU

The choice of former EU commissioner and French foreign minister to be EU's chief negotiator for Brexit was regarded by some in UK as a hostile move.

British PM Theresa May holds post-Brexit talks with Hollande

French President François Hollande said British people living and working in France can stay 'as long as they like', adding he expected a reciprocal deal.

French finance minister warns UK over plan to slash corporate tax

Michel Sapin said UK post-Brexit plan to introduce 15% business tax was 'not a good way to start a negotiation' on future access to EU markets.

France makes strong bid for London's banking business

Prime minister Manuel Valls tells French finance leaders he wants Paris to be ‘the financial capital of the future’ after Brexit.