Far-right by-election win shakes mainstream parties

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The Front National party victory in a by-election in Brignoles mirrors a surge in support for the far-right shown in opinion surveys.

French far-right sweeps to victory in local election

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Decisive win came despite calls from President François Hollande’s Socialist Party for Left to rally behind conservative UMP candidate.

A communist French city flirts with the far right

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The southern town of Brignoles is in the spotlight as far-right Front national looks to achieve by-election victory on Sunday.

Far-right Front National poised for key role in French local elections


The elimination of the Left in the first round of voting in a recent local by-election in which the Front National came top has sparked fevered speculation about how Marine Le Pen's far-right party is likely to perform in next year's crucial municipal elections. A recently-published and detailed analysis of voting trends suggests the FN could have a major role to play in some areas. But, as Mathieu Magnaudeix reports, the study says the outcome will probably depend on how well the economy performs between now and next spring.

French govt left reeling by far right 'warning shot' in vote

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Left candidate eliminated in first round as Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front top the polls in local council by-election.