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Ebola could reach France by late October say scientists

Experts predict 75 percent chance virus could be imported to France by October 24 and 50 percent chance it could hit Britain by then.

Britain to contribute 15M euros to help Calais crackdown on migrants

The agreement announced on Saturday provides for tighter border controls and increased cooperation between French and British police.

All EU countries want Britain to stay - except France

Just over half of French people polled want Britain to quit EU, with only 42 percent believing Brussels should take London's concerns into account.

UK offers Nato security fence to help Calais tackle migrants

British immigration minister says fencing could replace the 'inadequate' barriers at the French port as tensions rise over migrant issue.

Calais mayor warns of blockade over illegal migration

Natacha Bouchart says town is held 'hostage' by about 1,300 migrants and will block port unless UK does more to control their numbers.

France evacuates French and British expats from Libya

Forty French nationals have been evacuated by ship along with seven British nationals as battles rage between government forces and militias.

French police make fresh move on Calais migrants

Officers clear makeshift camp housing some 500 migrants at a food distribution point close to the French port where they had been squatting.


A French message to Britain: get out of Europe before you wreck it

Former French premier Michel Rocard argues the UK is stopping the European Union from finding the democratic force and legitimacy it needs.

Let’s call time on French‑bashing

Erroneous story about France 'banning' work emails after 6pm is just latest example of 'lazy' UK journalism about its neighbour across the Channel.

France, Britain pull out of Sochi G8 preparations

The two countries abandoned participation in planned preparatory talks for the June G8 summit in Sochi over Russia's intervention in Ukraine.

EU treaty change ‘not a priority’, says Hollande

At Anglo-French summit Hollande dismays UK premier by saying he has no desire for a new treaty before next presidential elections in 2017.

Cameron to press Hollande over EU at UK-France summit

French president thought unlikely to back British prime minister's call for greater EU 'flexibility' in first Anglo-French summit for four years.

José Bové joins West Sussex villagers in anti-fracking protest

The French alter-globalization militant, MEP and high-profile campaigner against GM crops, joined the rally at a fracking site in southern England.

British cabinet minister further fires Anglo-French diplomatic dispute

UK Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps claims François Hollande has run the French economy 'into the sand', ahead of a bilateral summit.

The joy and gloom of French, German and British bosses

A poll of executives in the three countries show confidence in the German economy, doubts over that in Britain, and pessimism for France.