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Syrian migrants 'ready to die' to reach British shores

Dozens of Syrian refugees in France, who have blocked an entry ramp to English Channel ferries in Calais, say they are determined to get to UK.

France: UK vote doesn't thwart plans to hit Syria

President Francois Hollande expressed readiness to push ahead with plans to strike Syria despite British parliament's rejection of military action

France worse off than UK in the 1970s: Axa chief

One of the France’s best-known businessmen says the country is in a worse state than Britain was at the time of its 1976 bail-out by the IMF.

France backs placing Hezbollah military wing on EU terror list

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, speaking in Jordan, said France would back moves to place Lebanese Shia militant group on terror list.

Germany and France shun UK survey

Blow for UK premier David Cameron as Paris and Berlin refuse to take part in review of power balance between EU and national parliaments.

Britain and France 'will arm Syrian rebels even without EU support'

Paris and London will call for bringing forward the date of the next European Union meeting on the Syria arms embargo.

Cash-strapped France, UK develop defence 'entente frugale'

Dubbed by some as the 'entente frugale', Franco-British defence cooperation is increasing amid shrinking budgets and a less indulgent US.

UK to send troops to support French Mali campaign

Britain says it is to deploy about 330 military personnel to Mali and West Africa to support French forces unseating Islamist rebels.

Tit for tat: France offers 'red carpet' to UK businesses in case of EU pullout

Reacting to David Cameron's speech on Europe, France's foreign minister offers refuge to British businesses if UK referendum sees it leave EU.

Mali: Britain sends planes to help French

Britain will provide transport planes to assist the French military operation in Mali, as France attempts to contain al Qaeda-linked rebels.

Delors says UK should leave EU

Former European Commission president Jacques Delors told German daily 'British are solely concerned about their economic interests'.

Falklands archives reveal Thatcher's mistrust of Mitterrand over arms for Argentina

Official papers just released reveal tension between London and Paris during the Falklands War over French supplies to Argentina of Exocet missiles.

France wants more "two-speed" Europe from 2014

French president calls for like-minded EU countries to proceed with deeper integration, even if it means leaving behind more Eurosceptic states.

France, UK, protest against expansion of Israeli settlements

France and Britain summon Israeli ambassadors in protest at the intended construction of 3,000 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

EDF's US nuclear plant plans in meltdown, and under a cloud in the UK


French utility giant Electricité de France has suffered a major setback in its plans to export European Pressurized Reactors to the United States, where the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has rejected its subsidiary’s application for a licence to build and operate an EPR reactor in Maryland. With its flagship EPR plant at Flamanville, northern France, suffering recurrent construction delays and overruning costs, the American debacle is a significant blow for both EDF, with debts of almost 40 billion euros, and for EPRs in general. Meanwhile, development of EDF's two EPR projects in the United Kingdom have become bogged down in a row over the true subsidised cost of the energy they will produce. Jade Lindgaard reports.