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France wants more "two-speed" Europe from 2014

French president calls for like-minded EU countries to proceed with deeper integration, even if it means leaving behind more Eurosceptic states.

France, UK, protest against expansion of Israeli settlements

France and Britain summon Israeli ambassadors in protest at the intended construction of 3,000 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

EDF's US nuclear plant plans in meltdown, and under a cloud in the UK


French utility giant Electricité de France has suffered a major setback in its plans to export European Pressurized Reactors to the United States, where the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has rejected its subsidiary’s application for a licence to build and operate an EPR reactor in Maryland. With its flagship EPR plant at Flamanville, northern France, suffering recurrent construction delays and overruning costs, the American debacle is a significant blow for both EDF, with debts of almost 40 billion euros, and for EPRs in general. Meanwhile, development of EDF's two EPR projects in the United Kingdom have become bogged down in a row over the true subsidised cost of the energy they will produce. Jade Lindgaard reports.

Why François Hollande hopes David Cameron won't roll out the red carpet

France's President Normal is due to meet the 'chillaxing' British prime minister in London, but there are plenty of tensions in the relationship.

France's own MPs' expenses 'scandal'


A Mediapart investigation has revealed that a socialist MP used his parliamentary expenses allowance to pay for family holidays abroad. But his is not an isolated case. Instead, it highlights the near total lack of transparency and control over the way that France's Members of Parliament make use of their generous monthly expenses of more than 6,000 euros. A number of MPs are now calling for greater openness in the allowance system, fearing that an expenses scandal such as the one that hit British MPs in 2009 could engulf them. Meanwhile an anti-corruption organisation warns that an MP who can be shown to have misused their allowances could be prosecuted for misappropriation of public money. Valentine Oberti reports.

London, France's sixth biggest city

More French people live in London than in Bordeaux or Strasbourg and it is now thought to be France's sixth biggest city in terms of population.

British-based French voters preferred Nicolas Sarkozy

French citizens living in Britain put the current president a whisker ahead of François Hollande, who came top in France itself.

Hollande holds out olive branch to City of London

Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande tells British press that he wants Britain, and even the City of London,to feel "part of Europe".

'Stricter' French parents a model for British, claims new book

Author and mother-of-three Pamela Druckerman stirs controversy suggesting French are better parents than Brits in 'French Children Don’t Throw Food'.

French foreign minister plays down cross-Channel spat

Alain Juppé tries calming tensions between London and Paris by insisting there was no French strategy to antagonise the British over economy jibes.

Angry salvos sail across the Channel on euro pact

To the long list of victims emerging from Europe's financial crisis, make room for a new one, namely the Entente Cordiale between Britain and France.

Britain and France and their most un-seasonal greetings

We are all in the same sinking boat and France and the UK would be wise to focus on rowing in the same direction, argues a Guardian editorial.

Britain and France jostle to 'rebuild' Libya's oilfields

Hoping to reap rewards, Britain and France are engaged in a race to ‘rebuild' Libya and get oil, lifeblood of the shattered economy, flowing again.

Striking parallels between UK riots and France 2005 unrest

The parallels between les émeutes des banlieues de 2005 and the rioting that has rocked several English cities are striking, writes John Henley.

France offers UK expert police to help bring looters to justice

The French Ministry of Interior has reportedly offered to send to Britain police experts who have extensive "expertise" in catching rioters.