Hollande holds out olive branch to City of London

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Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande tells British press that he wants Britain, and even the City of London,to feel "part of Europe".

'Stricter' French parents a model for British, claims new book

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Author and mother-of-three Pamela Druckerman stirs controversy suggesting French are better parents than Brits in 'French Children Don’t Throw Food'.

France, UK issue clashing advice on breast implants

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France and UK issue conflicting advice to tens of thousands of women with breast implants made of cheap silicone that some fear pose health risks.

French foreign minister plays down cross-Channel spat

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Alain Juppé tries calming tensions between London and Paris by insisting there was no French strategy to antagonise the British over economy jibes.

Angry salvos sail across the Channel on euro pact

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To the long list of victims emerging from Europe's financial crisis, make room for a new one, namely the Entente Cordiale between Britain and France.

Britain and France and their most un-seasonal greetings

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We are all in the same sinking boat and France and the UK would be wise to focus on rowing in the same direction, argues a Guardian editorial.

Britain and France jostle to 'rebuild' Libya's oilfields

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Hoping to reap rewards, Britain and France are engaged in a race to ‘rebuild' Libya and get oil, lifeblood of the shattered economy, flowing again.

Striking parallels between UK riots and France 2005 unrest

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The parallels between les émeutes des banlieues de 2005 and the rioting that has rocked several English cities are striking, writes John Henley.

France offers UK expert police to help bring looters to justice

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The French Ministry of Interior has reportedly offered to send to Britain police experts who have extensive "expertise" in catching rioters.