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France to be added to UK quarantine countries

Britain said the measure - which also applies to people travelling from Monaco, Malta, Turks and Caicos, and Aruba - would kick in from 4am on Saturday.

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British expats in France fret over Brexit uncertainty

With just more than five months to go before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union, the continuing confusion over the future status of EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU is causing mounting anxiety for many of the latter in France, and a leap in applications for French nationality.

British mother arrested after baby found dead in France

Woman in her 30s on holiday in south-west France arrested after baby's father reported death and doctor declared it was not from natural causes.

Hollande tribute to Americans who overpowered train gunman

The three young men, two of whom are servicemen, restrained the gunman who had begun shooting in a carriage of the train carrying 554 passengers.

France calls for British cooperation over Calais migrant crisis

A report from the French interior ministry report calls for the two countries to pool resources to deal with asylum applications.

Police rule out mystery biker in French Alps murders

Man released after being questioned by police over the shooting of British-Iraqi businessman Saad al Hilli, his wife and mother in 2012. 

Replica of French frigate that aided US Independence set for maiden voyage

Hermione, a replica of the ship that took General Lafayette to America to rally rebels fighting British troops, takes to the waves on Sunday.

France must control its borders says former British home secretary

Amid growing concerns over migrants in Calais, Lord Howard says France has 'lost control' of frontiers under Schengen Agreement.

Villagers rescue elderly British couple walled in their French home

The pair, aged in their 70s, were barricaded in their home in the Pyrenees foothills by their neighbours, also British, over a right of way dispute.

France 'not good value for money'

Around half of Britons surveyed feel France is too expensive as a holiday destination - including those who have never been there.

France's silent tea revolution

A sudden fashion for tea has swept the middle classes in France while French tea brands are now proving a hit around the world.

French Alps shootings: man arrested over murder of British family

Arrested man is thought to be brother of Saad al-Hilli, who was gunned down along with his wife and mother-in-law and French cyclist last year.

French police arrest British father over childrens' deaths

A 48 year-old divorced British man is being questioned by police in Lyon on suspicion of slitting the throats of his two children.

Outrage sweeps French slopes as British ski instructor faces year in jail

Scores of angry Britons on skiing holiday in the Alps stage demonstration outside a French police station to protest against instructor's arrest.

Les rosbifs begin tickling French foodies' taste buds

Former President Jacques Chirac once dismissed a country that eats so badly, but now the French are developing a taste for (some) British food.