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Key suspect in Paris attacks now in French custody

Transfer of Salah Abdeslam from Belgium to France was carried out without advance notice and in secrecy and came as a 'surprise' to his lawyer.

Belgium bomber identified as prison guard of IS held French hostages

Najim Laachraoui, one of Brussels airport suicide bombers, was identified by French journalists kidnapped and held in Syria from 2013 to 2014.

Paris attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini placed in detention in Belgium

The Belgian national of Moroccan origin arrested Friday is linked by DNA to Paris attacks while suspected of taking part in Brussels airport bombing.

Minister's claim of '100 Molenbeeks' in France sparks debate

Linking of notorious district of Brussels to France is welcomed by political right but others dispute link between poverty and radicalisation.

Paris, Brussels terror network 'being destroyed' says Hollande

But after latest arrests linked to Paris and Brussles bomb attacks, French president says 'there are other networks' posing a 'heavy threat'.

Three identified Brussels bombers all have links to Paris attacks

Brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui, who all died in Tuesday's blasts, were linked to November attack in France.

How Belgium became a terrorist hub – and target

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The attacks in Brussels on Tuesday March 22nd highlight once again how Belgium has become a nerve centre of jihadist terrorism in Europe, as well as being a target itself. The Belgian network led by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who led the November 13th bombings in Paris, was very active while the logistical 'expert' for the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, who was arrested just last week, is suspected of having been involved in planning the latest attacks in the Belgian capital. Earlier this year, meanwhile, Europol warned of the risk of more attacks. As Belgian authorities identified three men with links to the Paris attacks as the Brussels suicide bombers, Matthieu Suc and Yann Philippin consider how Belgium has become a terrorist hub.

Brussels attack is strike against all of Europe, says Hollande

After emergency cabinet meeting in Paris the French president said: 'France will implacably continue the fight against terrorism.'

Salah Abdeslam may have been preparing Brussels attacks: Belgian FM

Belgian foreign minister says arrested fugitive wanted for November's Paris terrorist attacks was found in Brussels with 'a lot of weapons'.

Salah Abdeslam refuses extraditon to France

The Paris terror attacks fugitive, arrested in Brussels, has refused to be extradited to France but is 'cooperating' with Belgian police, says his lawyer.

Brussels arrests of Paris terror attacks suspects: live updates

Belgian PM Charles Michel has confirmed three suspects were arrested in Friday's raids in Brussels, including Paris attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam.

Paris terrorist attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam captured in Brussels

French national Salah Abdeslam, 26, wanted for his part in the November attacks that left 130 dead, was wounded during his arrest in Molenbeek area of Brussels.

Fingerprints of Paris terror attacks fugitive found in Brussels raid

Belgian prosecutors said fingerprints of Salah Abdeslam, who took part in the November 13th attacks in Paris, were found in a flat raided earlier this week.

Dead Brussels gunman identified, hunt goes on for Paris terror suspects

Algerian Mohamed Belkaid, 35, was shot dead in a gun battle in Brussels with Belgian and French police, while two other men escaped.

French, Belgian police in Brussels raids over Paris terror attacks

Three officers were reportedly wounded in shoot-out during raid to arrest November 13th Paris attacks suspects, while at least two men fled the scene.