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Hollande fires environment minister after criticism of 2014 budget plans

Delphine Batho had said on TV that it was a 'bad budget' and that French people are 'disappointed' with the year-old government.

France 'to seek 14 billion euros in cuts next year'

Newspaper says government aims to tame deficit by reducing ministerial budgets, state aid to companies and local government funding.

Tempers fray in France as drastic cuts loom

Budget watchdog calls for new round of drastic cuts and an immediate freeze in public sector pay, warning public finances are badly off track.

France to cut spending for first time since 1958

Prime minister Ayrault said it was the first time that a government had proposed such a reduction to Parliament, adding it was a 'structural effort'.

Francois Hollande tells European Commission it can't 'dictate' to France

French president warns Commission not to give orders after Brussels called for urgent eurozone reforms to avert a “social emergency”.

France declares austerity over as Germany offers wiggle room

French finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said the 'dogma of austerity' as the only tool to fight the euro debt crisis was over.

France asks Germany for leniency in hitting austerity goal

France pleads for more time but denies it is turning into the new “sick man of Europe” even as data points to a deepening French downturn.

'We're losing 5-0': the sombre mood among French socialist MPs after budget minister's resignation

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The resignation of budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac after a full judicial investigation was launched over his Swiss bank account sent shock waves through the ruling Socialist Party. Many MPs refuse to believe that their colleague has lied over the affair. Others want to turn the page as quickly as possible and put the matter behind them. But as Mathieu Magnaudeix, Stéphane Alliès and Lénaïg Bredoux report, one thing that is certain is that the resignation has not improved the mood in the ruling party, where one MP likened the current situation to a football match in which his side is being hammered...

MEPs want renegotiation of EU budget deal

The European Parliament has demanded further negotiations on the EU's multi-year budget, after national leaders agreed to a cut of 3.3%.

France to raise an extra 6 billion euros in taxes

The French budget minister says an extra 6 billion euros in taxes will be raised next year to make up for a shortfall in government finances.

Coming soon...President Hollande's economic U-turn


François Hollande has acknowledged economic reality by accepting that France can no longer meet its goal of cutting its budget deficit to 3% of GDP this year. In doing so he is abandoning one of his key campaign pledges, and he is now preparing to bring his economic policy squarely into line with that of most other European countries, which inevitably raises the spectre of the infamous 'structural reforms'. Are their parallels with President Mitterrand's notorious economic U-turn in 1983? Martine Orange reports.

Debt crisis: France puts brakes on austerity

France will not introduce any further austerity measures this year but instead focus on spending cuts in 2014 to bring its deficit down to 3pc of GDP.

EU may consider budget deficit extension for France

France could get longer to reach its public finance goals, if the country makes the necessary reforms, says the EU's economic chief.

Merkel ally says France is "problem child" over economy

Paris needs to "do its homework" and implement more austerity measures and labor market reforms to regain competitiveness, says Michael Fuchs.

France facing up to minimal economic growth this year

President Hollande conceded France will miss its 0.8 percent 2013 target, after foreign minister said growth could be less than half that level.