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'I bought a winery and it caused a US-French row'

When American tech entrepreneur Michael Baum bought a prestigious winery in France's Burgundy region it caused a trans-Atlantic spat.

Unesco world heritage appellations boost France's wine tourism drive

The new status for Champagne and Burgundy regions spurs wine tours which are seen as major draw in France's bid to increase tourist numbers.

Corks pop in France as Champagne and Burgundy win UNESCO status

Two of France's top wine-producing areas have been officially classified as sites of special cultural or natural significance.

Drones to detect vine disease in France

Winemakers in Burgundy and Bordeaux back €1.7m project to see if the unmanned devices can spot early signs of problems in their crops.

Temporary jobs and home helps – the future of France's former industrial workers


They were once proud industrial towns in the centre of France with thriving populations of 10,000 or more. But now areas such as Saint-Florentin, Tonnerre, Flogny-la-Chapelle in north Burgundy have seen their factories close and the number of inhabitants plummet. Instead of secure factory employment, the remaining workers in such towns now face moving from temporary job to temporary job or retraining for low-paid positions in the booming service sector looking after the elderly. Thomas Saint-Cricq reports from Saint-Florentin on the mood of a town that once was so short of industrial workers it had to scour the Mediterranean countries to find them.

Bordeaux recovery boosts French wine yield

Thanks to a dry and warm September France’s wine production could reach 46.5 million hectolitres in 2014, a rise of 10% on last year.

French winegrowers fear for harvest after hail batters prized vineyards

Up to 80% of harvest could be lost in parts of Burgundy after storms brought fierce winds and golf ball-sized hail that shredded vines.

French organic winegrower fined for refusing to spray grapes with pesticide

Emmanuel Giboulot handed €500 fine for refusal to spray; his critics claim he put other winegrowers' crops at risk from flavescence dorée disease.

French organic winemaker in court for shunning pesticides

Emmanuel Giboulot is backed by enviromentalists but other winemakers say not tackling harmful vine pest is like 'refusing vaccination'.

Rotting grapes from Bordeaux to Burgundy cut French wine outlook

Production forecasts lowered after rot due to wet weather causes grape losses, adding to damage from poor flowering and summer hailstorms.