French court scraps rule allowing burkinis in city's swimming pools

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French interior minister Gérald Darmanin said that allowing burkinis in Grenoble's municipal pools was undermining secularism.

French city votes to allow ‘burkini’ in swimming pools

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The all-in-one swimsuit worn by Muslim women is no stranger to controversy in France.

Court upholds burkini ban after beach brawl in Corsica

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Move to uphold ban 'on security grounds' is first such ruling since France's highest administrative court overturned another ban on the swimsuit.

Naked breasts represent France better than headscarf, suggests PM

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Manuel Valls described as 'cretin' by historian for comments about Marianne, a symbol of the French Republic, as burkini ban row continues.

Burkini bans split French government as court to rule on legality

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The burkini bans introduced by mayors in some French coastal towns has divided ministers, while the Council of State will rule Friday on a legal challenge to the prohibitons.

The hurt and anger caused by French mayors' burkini bans

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France’s Council of State will on Friday announce its judgment on whether the ban of the burkini, recently applied by a number of mayors of coastal towns in France, is legal. The bans, imposed mostly in south-east France and amid the backdrop of recent Islamist terrorist attacks, supposedly target the full-body swimwear worn by some Muslim women. But the prohibitions also exclude dress that might threaten “public order”, and there was uproar this week after several reported incidents of police patrols intercepting Muslim women wearing headscarves on the beach. Carine Fouteau analyses a controversy that not only encroaches basic human rights, but which also has played into the hands of the Islamic State group which was behind this summer's terrorist attacks in France.

Burkini sales 'boosted' by French bans

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The Australian designer credited with creating the swimwear for Muslim women says online sales have been 'hectic' following controversial French beach bans.

Top Italian bishop slams France's 'politically-motivated' burkini bans

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Bishop Nunzio Galantino denounced the ban in several coastal towns as a 'war on symbols' and a 'vulgar ridiculing of the religious sensitivity of others'.

Corsican mayor bans burkinis after beach brawl

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The mayor of Sisco, close to Bastia, announced the measure amid what he called a 'powder-keg' situation between Muslims and non-Muslims on the island.

Second French Riviera resort announces 'burkini' ban

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Following Cannes ban, mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet says that in France 'one does not come to the beach dressed to display religious convictions'.

French mayor bans 'burkinis' from beaches over ‘security’ fears

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Mayor of popular resort of Cannes, David Lisnard, has issued order forbidding beachwear that doesn't respect 'good morals and secularism'.

'Burkini-only' day at French water park prompts outrage

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Decision by group in Marseille to book a water park for Muslim women who want to wear 'burkinis' has drawn criticism from French Right.