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France ends blanket Covid crisis aid to businesses

French economy and finance minister Bruno Le Maire has announced an end to across-the-board financial support to businesses to help them survive the downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic and resulting restrictions, detailing that future aid will only be made available on a case-by-case basis.

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France slams US moves to sanction firms trading with Iran

The French government has reacted angrily to US President Donald Trump's decision, after withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran, to re-impose sanctions on companies that do business with Tehran and which include Airbus, French carmakers Renault and PSA, and oil giant Total.

French prosecutors investigate Macron Vegas trip contract

Probe is into possible favouritism over contract for an event in Las Vegas at which President Macron was star speaker when economy minister.

France can reap rewards from Brexit and election says business chief

Head of bosses' group MEDEF Pierre Gattaz expects investment boost from election of either François Fillon or Emmanuel Macron in May.

How Renault boss Carlos Ghosn ran over shareholders


Last Friday, the board of French carmaker Renault insisted it would pay chief executive Carlos Ghosn a package of 7.2 million euros for his services in 2015, despite a revolt by shareholders who disapproved of the deal which economy minister Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday denounced as “excessive”. In this opinion article, Mediapart’s economic affairs correspondent Martine Orange argues that Ghosn, who is also paid a yearly 8 million euros as head of Nissan, is typical of a new caste of cynical oligarchs who are unaccountable to anyone, even to the very shareholders who first launched them on a path of greed.

Iranian president in Paris for deals bonanza

Hassan Rouhani will on Thursday agree a host of commercial deals and signal Iran's intention to buy 114 Airbus passenger planes.

Orange boss travels to Israel to apologise over 'boycott misunderstanding'

Stéphane Richard insisted his comment that Orange wanted to disengage from its Israeli partner was purely a business matter and not political.

French business 'still waiting' for promised economic recovery

Despite broad consensus among economists that France's economy is starting to pick up, many small companies have yet to feel the benefits.

Hollande in Davos calls on business and finance to help states fight terrorism

The French President told the World Economic Forum that business and financial institutions had 'a duty to act' to block funding of terrrorism.

Ex-French economy minister Montebourg goes to business school

Former major figure in government has enrolled at top institution because he wants to set up own firm and 'running a business is a real job'.

‘France is pro-business’ French PM tells London

Giving a speech in the heart of the City, prime minister Manuel Valls urged British businesses to invest in France.

France chops red tape to save firms billions of euros

Unit set up to reduce bureaucracy proposes package of 50 changes to make life simpler for French businesses and employees.

‘Bonapartist’ French remain chary of Anglo-Saxon business trends

Trends seen elsewhere to get government out of business and implement shareholder-friendly governance reforms have largely passed France by.

Business trip to Iran 'not helpful', Kerry tells France

US Secretary of State fears that visit by French executives to Tehran will send 'wrong message' over easing of sanctions against Iran.

Hollande details spending cuts and pact for businesses

The French president announces plan to cut 50 billion euros from public spending and a pact to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on companies.