Feathers fly in France over ‘auto-entrepreneurs’

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Ministers at odds with self-employed who style themselves 'chicks', having fallen out with internet start-up community known as 'the pigeons'. 

French bosses demand energy policies place industrial performance above the environment


Amid a six-month programme of national consultations commissioned by the French government to help define the country’s future energy policies, a conference organised by two leading business organizations in central Paris on May 17th provided a platform for company bosses to argue that energy transition strategies should first and foremost be concerned not with the environment but with industrial competitiveness. Jade Lindgaard reports.

Bank holidays under scrunity as France's economy slugs along

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France’s bank holidays - there are four in May - attacked for fuelling economic downturn as study shows fewer days off would save country money.

French wave heads for Hong Kong

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Recent years have seen a surge in French talent migrating to the Chinese city in search of opportunities amid Asia's economic boom.

Recession stalks France as business slump hits crisis levels

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Survey says business activity shrank in March at fastest pace in four years, probably plunging euro zone's second-biggest economy into a recession.

US firms fall out of love with France, survey says

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Election of a socialist government was cited as main reason why French divisions of US businesses see country as less attactive to do business.

The hidden hand of French companies in US elections

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While attention in France and elsewhere in the world last week was mainly focused on the presidential race between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney, there were also many Congressional contests taking place across the United States. An investigation has revealed that a number of French groups were involved in funding candidates at those elections. Officially the fund-raising was carried out by American employees of those French businesses rather than the firms themselves. But, curiously, these staff members tended to favour Congressional candidates who were close to their own company's interests. Martine Orange reports. 

‘Pigeon’ entrepreneurs take Hollande French tax protest to web

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Owners of startups form a group dubbed “Les Pigeons” - French slang for "suckers" - claiming they are the fall guys for France’s economic woes.

French senators reveal their outside interests online – but will it make a difference?


Members of the French Senate have recently begun publishing their outside business affairs on a new online register of members' interests. The aim is to prevent conflicts of interest between a senator’s public and private lives. The first register has thrown up a fascinating array of outside activities. But senators are under no obligation to make the declarations and there is no provision for them to publish details of how much they earn from other sources. So will self-regulation work? Mathilde Mathieu reports.