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Fear of angry French butchers sees vegan fest cancelled

A vegan festival due to be held in the centre of Lille in north-east France in early September has been called off by the City Hall for 'safety' reasons after a butchers' federation announced they would hold a nearby counter-barbeque for carnivors in anger at vanadalsim of several butchers' shops in the region allegedly by vegan acitivists.

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Butchers in France demand protection from vegans

Shops have been stoned or defaced with anti-meat graffiti and stickers, Federation of Butchers says, and 15 shops splashed with fake blood.

Scandal brings surprise revival for horsemeat in France

The rumpus in Europe over horsemeat sold as beef is bringing a bonanza for France's 700 surviving horse butchers.

Butchers give French election candidates something to knaw on

The plight of the declining French butchers' trade has become an election issue, tinged with an ugly debate over how much of their fare is halal meat.