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Paris café 'Joyeux' proudly staffed by those battling cognitive difficulties

A Paris café called Joyeux has opened with a mission to give people with autism, Down syndrome and other cognitive difficulties an all-too rare chance to earn a living like any other person and be accepted as capable workers in a busy public environment, and its owner plans to open several more outlets around France.  

French café hikes coffee prices to discourage terrace lingerers

Fed-up owner of brasserie at Toulon in southern France has put up sign stating: 'Coffee 10 euro after 5pm if you are not dining.'

French café starts charging extra to ‘rude customers’

A coffee ordered with the phrase ‘bonjour, un café s’il vous plait’ will only cost €1.40, against €7 for just grunting 'un café' to staff at Nice café.