Polish man confesses kidnap and murder of Calais girl aged 9

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The man, 38, who had served two jail terms in France, admitted abducting and strangling the girl, who officials said was also sexually assaulted.

Migrant fights migrant in Calais riot

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French riot police were used to stop the violence, which left seven men slightly injured after migrants attacked each other with sticks and stones.

Hurricane-force winds close channel port of Calais

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The French cross-channel ferry port was forced to close temporarily after winds of up to 160kph made the crossing to the UK treacherous.

The woman who recharges Calais migrants' phones

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Devout Catholic Brigitte Lips, 58, plugs in phones all day at her home so migrants at the French port can keep in touch with their families.

France backs idea of British police in Calais

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Interior minister says he would welcome help from across English Channel as France struggles to cope with number of migrants in town.

France to spend €3m per year on Calais migrant centre

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But plan by interior minister attacked by charities who say it will resemble the notorious Sangatte Red Cross welcome centre closed in 2002.

France and UK trade blame for Calais migrant crisis

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The mayor of Calais returned criticism when she appeared before British MPs on the issue of numbers of migrants crossing to UK from the port.

The grave humanitarian crisis looming in Calais

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For a second week running, the desperate situation of migrants gathering in the northern French port of Calais in the hope of finding a clandestine passage to Britain has been making headlines on both sides of the Channel. This Tuesday, Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart appeared before a largely hostile British parliamentary committee on immigration and warned that the migrants were “ready to die” to reach Britain, which she criticised for focussing on greater security alone as a solution to the recent sharp rise in the numbers of those arriving in Calais from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, many of whom have fled war zones. Most, including women and children, live rough in makeshift camps in and around the town, where racist attacks against them are on the rise and where aid associations complain they can no longer cope with what one major French charity, the Secours Catholique, has warned is an imminent “humanitarian crisis of a size never known here”. Haydée Sabéran reports from Calais on the everyday human misery of the migrants, the despair of those involved in helping them, and lifts the lid on a myth, bolstered by events in the Channel port, that Britain is bearing the brunt of clandestine immigration to Europe.  

Scuffles as French far-right leader visits 'lawless' Calais

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Marine Le Pen claimed the migrant crisis in the Channel port had made it 'no more than a jungle' where 'the rule of law no longer holds sway'.

The grim lives of the migrants cornered in Calais

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Tensions were running high this week in the French Channel port of Calais, which since the late 1990s has become a major gathering site for migrants, essentially from Africa and central Asia, hoping to cross illegally to Britain by any available means. Riot police fired tear gas grenades during clashes with migrants who tried to storm trucks bound for Britain, and intervened to deal with fighting between armed rival migrant groups. Meanwhile, an Ethiopian woman was killed as she tried to cross a motorway beside the port, the third migrant to die on nearby roads in as many weeks. On Friday, far-right Front National party leader Marine Le Pen seized on the situation to make a high-profile visit to the port on Friday, when police struggled to keep her supporters and opponents apart. The grim reality of the daily lives of the migrants, so often ignored amid political rhetoric and cross-Channel arguments about how to improve the port’s security, is portrayed in an acclaimed and compelling documentary by French filmmaker Sylvain George, which Mediapart presents here in its entirety.

French police join protests near Calais - demanding more police for migrants

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Officers say there are not enough of them to cope with the large number of migrants crossing the area in the hope of reaching Britain.

Britain to contribute 15M euros to help Calais crackdown on migrants

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The agreement announced on Saturday provides for tighter border controls and increased cooperation between French and British police.

UK offers Nato security fence to help Calais tackle migrants

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British immigration minister says fencing could replace the 'inadequate' barriers at the French port as tensions rise over migrant issue.

France must control its borders says former British home secretary

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Amid growing concerns over migrants in Calais, Lord Howard says France has 'lost control' of frontiers under Schengen Agreement.

Calais mayor warns of blockade over illegal migration

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Natacha Bouchart says town is held 'hostage' by about 1,300 migrants and will block port unless UK does more to control their numbers.