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NGOs drop support for 'ill-prepared' Calais Jungle evacuation

A group of migrants close to the "Jungle" camp in Calais, October 1st 2016. © Reuters A group of migrants close to the "Jungle" camp in Calais, October 1st 2016. © Reuters

The notorious makeshift migrant camp in the French Channel port of Calais, which NGOs estimate houses between 8,000 and 10,000 people, including 1,300 minors without parents, is to be evacuated and razed in the coming weeks. But 11 humanitarian associations involved in providing assistance for the migrants living in a shantytown of huts and tents known as “the Jungle”, many of which initially supported the move, have now applied for a court order to halt the operation, arguing that it is “a violation of the fundamental rights of the exiled”. Carine Fouteau hears from the head of one of the most active NGOs, L’Auberge des Migrants, why it has now come out against the evacuation and his fears over the consequences.

France says Britain has 'moral duty' to accept Calais child migrants

France's interior minister said ahead of a meeting on Monday with his British counterpart that he was 'solemnly asking Britain to assume its moral duty' to grant asylum to hundreds of children living in the makeshift migrant camp in the French Channel port.

Angry French villagers protest over migrant relocation plan

Around 250 people joined a march in Forges-les-Bains, southwest of Paris, against a new migrant reception centre which houses 44 Afghans.

French police and migrants clash in Calais

Confrontation came after 200 migrants and some 50 protesters assembled to protest against living conditions in the nearby 'Jungle' camp.

France's Hollande visits Calais amid 'Jungle' migrant row

French president insists makeshift migrant camp will be 'definitively' dismantled, as issue looks set to be a theme in 2017 presidential election.

France to move Calais migrants to nationwide centres

During a visit to a refugee reception centre in Tours, west-central France, President François Hollande said that about 9,000 migrants living rough in the Channel port would soon be dispersed to similar centres around the country.

Calais blockade: protest targets migrant camp

Lorry drivers and farmers stage protest against the French government's failure to close the camp, known as the 'Jungle'.

French minister vows to close Calais migrant camp

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve says he will press ahead with dismantling the 'Jungle' in coastal town with the 'greatest determination'.

UK and France stick to Calais migrant deal

French and British interior ministers agree to develop cooperation 'now and when UK leaves EU' to address challenges posed by migrant flows.

British minister in France for security talks

UK's home secretary to have scheduled talks on security with French counterpart amid calls for British border controls in Calais to be reviewed.

Top Calais politician wants new migrant border deal with UK

Regional president Xavier Bertrand says migrants in Calais seeking asylum in the UK should be allowed to lodge their claim in France.

Refugee aid association sounds alarm over plight of children in Calais

The Refugee Youth Service, an association helping migrants in the Channel port, has published a report detailing worsening situation for lone youngsters.

French court rejects bid to demolish shops at Jungle refugee camp

Judge has ruled there is no legal basis for expelling 72 people running makeshift stores and cafés at the camp in Calais.

France says Calais border will remain closed to migrants

President Hollande said it made 'no sense' to change 2003 Le Touquet deal which effectively moved Britain's border to northern coast of France.

France-UK border deal won't be affected by Brexit, says Paris

Despite calls in Calais for UK to 'take back its border', French ministers say bilateral deal that keeps migrants on French soil will not be affected.